CSI CSNY - Crime Scene Investigation: Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young


  David Crosby      Stephen Stills       Graham Nash      Neil Young  

-- A former member of The Byrds and one of the founding members of CSNY, David brings a lot of energy to the show. David may have put his well-publicized hard partying days behind him, but there's still room for the occasional bump or a pre-show doobie.

His onscreen CSI CSNY character is that of an undercover drug operative who has the amazing ability to sniff out clues -- Although sometimes he "accidentally" sniffs the evidence -- much to the chagrin of Executive Producer Bruckheimer.

"What can you do, right? The cast and crew love him," states Bruckheimer. "He's the Crawz!"
Although he is the only living person that has three fully functional livers that were implanted simultaneously, it hasn't slowed him down physically as David often does up to eight cartwheels before filming each scene.

"It's kinda like shaking lose some old resin to give me that edge I need in front of the camera," Crosby admits.

Off camera and off stage, David works on many business ventures. In fact, he recently invented and patented the widely popular "Snuggie" blanket.

"One night I accidentally put my robe on backwards...And suddenly I found myself on the couch reading a book totally unrestricted by some complicated heavy and violent blanket," Crosby explained of the Snuggie craze he helped to launch.

David still sports his trademark moustache -- the same one he's had since age nine!

When asked about why such a free-loving hippie like himself carries a fully-loaded Baretta semi-automatic pistol at all times, David simply replied, "John Lennon."


-- He left his band Buffalo Springfield to form CSN in 1968. Prior to the addition of Young, many saw Stills as the driving force in the band's early days.

Extremely talented and driven, Stills was voted #28 on Rolling Stone Magazine's list of "100 greatest guitarists" - a much deserved honor.

A huge fan of CSI, it was Stephen who arranged the meeting with Jerry after a chance meeting at Pink's hotdogs. Stills' CSI character is that of a weapons expert - something that Stills knows a lot about.

"I grew up in a military family," Stills explained. "Been around weapons my whole life. Everyone on the CSI set is always surprised to learn about my military background because they think I'm 'anti-war.' I'm actually just 'anti-wars we can't win'..."

Having served in Vietnam as a Army sniper in the mid 60s, Stills had at least 38 confirmed Vietcong kills. It's a subject Stills does not like to discuss, but one that helps add an extra layer of intensity and mystery to his CSI role. As for Vietnam, it remains close to his heart.

In 1995, Stills and actor-comedian Nipsey Russell flew back into Vietnam and successfully located all missing American POWs. Unfortunately, hours before scheduled departure Stills stranded the men in the jungle and left early over "creative differences." -- "They all just acted too desperate and clingy, man. It was a crazy scene," admits Stills.

Russell was located unharmed two weeks later telling his trademark witty rhymes and doing standup at a bar in Laos. "They was yellow, but they was mellow," was all Russell would say of the incident during a 1999 interview with CNN's Larry King.

Stills' CSI character often uses a "wah-wah" pedal during suspect interrogation scenes.


-- A former singer with the British boy-band The Hollies, Graham helped form CSN after he met David and Stephen at a Hollywood party thrown by Mama Cass at her Laurel Canyon home.

The glue that keeps the band together, Graham is also a big advocate for Nuclear Weapons disarmament and Animal Rights issues.

Whether it's onstage in concert or on the set of CSI CSNY, it is Graham Nash that helps to prevent Neil Young from scissor-kicking Stephen Stills through a wall. But that's a role that Graham would never trade for all the money in the world.

"The pilot episode for our version of CSI was called 'Down By The River' and it dealt with a chemical company that was dumping poison into the local river which in turn killed some people or some crap like that -- Point is, I got to step into the spotlight as my character is this very civic-minded person who's out to protect people -- I wasn't just some guy in the background, ya know - humming along and waving a freakin' tambourine," Graham stated.

Having worked with animal rights organizations for decades, Graham once rescued, raised and trained a group of baby seals that later became a "friendly animal assult team" that were utilized by the local police.

"The seals were quite effective and very smart on police missions," said Graham. "They were actually better than police dogs because they didn't stop every 15 yards to lick their damn bloody balls -- trust me, you can't confuse a seal by blowing into a vacuum cleaner hose."

Sadly Graham's seal team were beaten to death during a botched raid on an illegal baseball bat factory.

Fun Fact: If you play Graham's 1970 hit song "Our House" backward it reveals a secret hidden message about a possible collapse in the mortgage market in the mid 2000s. The failure to disclose this information to the public is one of Graham's biggest regrets. "How did I know that was important? I mean... what the hell would I know about mortgages," explained Nash. "I've paid for every house I've owned since I was 23 with wheel-barrels full of cash."


-- Neil Young will kill you -- either with kindness or extreme violence. How you die is your choice.

Young was a Canadian native who made his way to Los Angeles in the 60s with $15 in his pocket and a strong determination to become a male fashion model.

After an incident involving a bathroom mirror he turned to music.

Young soon became one of the hottest artists on the Sunset Strip scene. After parting ways with his band Buffalo Springfield, Young started a successful solo career before eventually joining CSNY.

His role on CSI CSNY is that of a leader. He basically runs the show -- solving virtually all the crimes himself --Well, at least the good ones. Young's run-ins with Producer Jerry Bruckheimer have labeled him as "difficult" -- in reality, Neil just wants to make the best product possible.

Neil Young is 7 feet tall, so for his CSI CSNY scenes he usually stands in a ditch as to not overshadow the other cast members. Producer Bruckheimer once suggested that maybe it would be much "easier and more affordable" if the other actors just stood on movable platforms. Neil immediately had eight union ditch-diggers escort Bruckheimer from the set.

There are many things that the public does not know about Neil Young. Here are a few...

In 1966 Neil played in a band called the Mynah Birds with superfreak Rick James.

Neil was once part owner of Lionel, LLC, -- a company that makes toy trains and model railroad accessories.

Was born on November 12th - the same birthdate as Charles Manson.

Accidentally invented the punk-syle "Body Slamming" after falling off the stage and into the audience during an epileptic seizure.

A childhood incident involving a "bear trap" and "testicles" gave Neil his unique singing voice.

He can microwave a bag of popcorn just by staring at it.

Stopped smoking when he found out that his saliva and urine were flammable.

Once ended a hostage standoff by blaring his album "Greendale" over loudspeakers.

During brain surgery in 2005, he had a computer chip implanted in his skull that records and downloads all of his dreams.

"NEIL YOUNG'S DREAMS Vol. 1" is currently the most popular soap opera in Cuba.

Only eats Dove meat.

Has never been to the dentist in his life -- "It's survival of the fittest," explains Young.

Neil Young currently has four teeth.

Extremely suspicious of veterinarians, Neil put his 15 year-old beloved hound dog Duke to sleep by personally applying a two-hour long headlock on the ailing pet.

When asked why he wears a custom made kevlar flannel bullet-proof vest on stage he replied... "David Crosby!"