CSI CSNY - Crime Scene Investigation: Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young


"DOWN BY THE RIVER" - Ep. 1.1 (PILOT) - The mysterious death of three local hippies leads the gang to a chemical company that is secretly dumping poisonous toxins into the local river. When it is discovered that the company actually manufactures the glue that is used for Zig-Zag rolling papers, they quickly become morally divided. (Guest starring: Jimmy Smits)

"FOUR DEAD IN A CONDO" - After the gang stumbles upon the dead bodies of four college roommates, Neil is moved to write a song called "Condo" about the tragic event. The police chief asks Neil why he chose to "write a goddamned song instead of reporting and properly investigating a quadruple homicide?" Neil calls the chief a pig and threatens to quit the force. (Guest starring: Ed Asner)

"BONG TIME GONE" - David's bong is missing! Was it stolen or did he just forget where he put it? The gang is running out of patience with David's shenanigans until they realize that the bong in question is the one they all ripped bong loads on backstage at Woodstock in 1969! When Neil cancels a lucrative solo tour to help in the search, David is afraid to tell him he found it - in his own hand. (Guest starring: Thomas Spence Gillespie)

"ALMOST CUT YOUR HAIR!" - When the gang discovers that a major cocaine distribution ring is using trendy hair salons as a front to push their product, Crosby and Nash get jobs as shampoo boys. When their cover is blown and they are held at gunpoint, it's up to Stephen and Neil to rescue them. However, Stephen and Neil have removed David and Graham's vocal tracks from their latest recordings and left to tour together as the "Stills-Young" band. (Guest starring: Randolph Mantooth)

"HIGH NOON AT HIPPIE HIGH" - After a local high school's cafeteria food is spiked with some bad acid, the gang goes undercover as teachers trying to get to the source. Things go from bad to worse when they discover that they have to actually try and teach their children. You see, teaching children is a lot easier to just sing about when your gacked out on blow in a Hollywood hottub than to actually have to do it in real life. (Guest starring: Morgan Freeman)

"OUR HOUSE... GOT ROBBED" - "With..two dead cats in the yard, life can be so hard" -- now add in a few missing vintage guitars and you'll see why Graham is pissed. Luckily the cats aren't really dead, they're just stoned. You see David was housesitting for Graham and was suppossed to feed the cats, not weed the cats. As for the missing guitars, David thinks he and his friend accidentally hocked them for dope money. Will he be able to remember where he went the day before? (Guest starring: Nick Nolte)

"MANASSAS? AND YOU'RE SERIOUS ABOUT THIS?" - Stephen feels like the odd man out as the gang investigates why he would choose such a freaking hard to spell and ever harder to pronounce name as Manassas for his solo band -- and, more importantly, if he has like $10,000,000 in the bank, why won't he bother to get his front tooth fixed. I mean it's not like he's a performer or anything like that. (Guest starring: Brett Meisner)

"BUT YOU CAN MAKE ROPE FROM IT, DUDE" - In a battle for his soul David if forced to chose between upholding his oath as an law officer or his love for the weed! Stephen, Graham and Neil are desperate to help David so they try to organize an intervention before the clock strikes 4:20! The only problem is.. they are still waiting for a dealer to drop off an ounce of blow at the studio -- and they obviously can't leave until the coke arrives. Will the others be able to save David from the demon weed, or will they forget about the intervention and get high, masturbate and talk nonsense for three days. (Guest starring: Robert Downey, Jr.)

"KNEEL, YOUNG MAN" - After a string on sexual assaults by a local priest, the gang goes undercover as altar boys. When Neil takes Father Youngblood up on his offer of "special prayer" the others are worried. After parts of Father Youngblood's body are found wrapped in flannel and scattered over a 16 mile radius, Neil is arrested. As a jury trial approaches Neil asks the other three to kill the jury. They refuse adamantly. Neil reminds them that he will pull out of next summer's world tour if they don't. Six hours later the headless and mutiltaded bodies of the jury are found in a Whole Foods dumpster. (Guest starring: C. Thomas Howell)

"WE ARE THE MAN, MAN" - In one of their most challenging cases of their careers, the guys are forced to go undercover as themselves to track down four aging hippies who are greedily charging loyal fans $125 and higher for a single concert ticket that used to go for $8. They track the case all spring and summer -- with a few weeks off here and there -- then they all buy new beach houses. The case remains unsolved. (Guest starring: David Geffen)