How Sex Toys Affect Your Relationship

"Couples Who Use Vibrators Communicate More"

Couples sex toys can add a lot to your sex life, but what about your relationship? While some couples find introducing sex toys into the bedroom intimidating, others look to sex toys for couples as the surefire way to heat things up in bed. But what does added pleasure do for your bond? Turns out, a lot.

When a sex toy company launched their product, a sex toy that allows couples to enjoy it together and apart, thanks to an app that can be downloaded to your phone, the tide of sex toys changed. And now, they’ve added a new one to the mix, the world’s first adjustable couples vibrator. This, of course, is great news because, as we all know, when it comes to body parts, one size doesn’t exactly fit all.

The design allows the user to customize the product to fit in order to achieve both clitoral and vaginal stimulation. Because you’re in control of making toy fit just right for you and your partner, the company says the product will be able to stay in place no matter the sex position you choose, or if you change from one position to the next. And, like their other couples products, the app lets partners play when they’re apart; even a world apart. It also lets you vibe to the rhythm of your favorite music, because who hasn’t wanted to feel the vibration of Neutral Milk Hotel between their legs?

To celebrate the launch the company recently conducted a study of 1,000 men and women, between the ages of 35 and 55, to see how sex toys affect their relationships and what they want more of in the bedroom. Here’s what they found.

1. The Majority Of People Use Sex Toys To keep Their Sex Life Spicy

According to the study, 82 percent of those surveyed make a valiant effort to keep their sex life as exciting as possible. You can’t stick to one or two positions forever and not start to get a little bored. That’s where toys, for 52 percent of couples, come in to save the day.

2. Almost 50 Percent Of People Are Using Sex Toys To Liven Up Their Sex Lives

Not that you should be super surprised, because sex toys are more mainstream than ever, but the study found that 45 percent of people incorporate toys into their sex life to keep things exciting, which is great news! Not just for the sex toy industry, of course, but because toys really do enhance pleasure and sexual exploration.

3. Using Vibrators Make Couples Communicate More

Of those who participated in the study, 49 percent of couples who use vibrators report communicating often, whether it be about sex or other subjects. In contrast, of those who don’t use vibrators, only 29 percent of couples could report the same level of openness and communication.

4. Couples Who Use Sex Toys Are Better At Giving Direction To Their Partners

In addition to communicating, when it comes to great sex, couples also need to be able to give direction. Twenty-nine percent of couples who use vibrators have zero qualms about giving their partner directions in bed. As for those who don’t use vibrators, only 17 percent are able to comfortably guide their partners in the right direction.

5. Just The Act Of Buying A Sex Toy May Increase Communication

According to the study, buying a sex toy — any type of sex toy — is connected with more communication between partners. I mean, if you’re making the purchase together, you do need to be pretty open about what you want and what you don’t want. The survey found that 51 percent of those who bought sex toys talk “often” or “very often” about sex, whereas only 28 percent of those who have not bought a sex toy could attest to communicating about sex.

6. Most Couples Rely On New Positions To Keep Sex Exciting

Although there are those couples (52 percent) who will throw sex toys into the mix to keep things spicy, most just stick to new sex positions. According to the study, 77 percent of couples try to make sex “more exciting” by trying different positions.

7. The Minority Of Couples Felt Their Sex Lives Could Be Improved

For 38 percent of respondents, more sex would make their sex lives better. But for those who were content with the amount of sex they were having, what they really wanted was change and better quality sex. Of those surveyed 28 percent wanted better sex with their partner and 28 percent wanted to “change” sex with their partner. As for what that “change” was, (although it might be safe to assume it was to make it more exciting), the respondents didn’t say.

8. Over 60 Percent Of Couples Think More Foreplay Is The Way To Go

For 62 percent of couples, the most exciting way to make things more fun in the bedroom is by extending foreplay. Although the study didn’t say how long these couples are focusing on foreplay (although let’s really hope for at least 30 minutes), the fact is that foreplay is getting the attention it deserves. Finally.

4 Women Get Real About When, Where, and How They Use Sex Toys

When did you get your first vibrator?

Woman A: I got my first vibrator as a gag Secret Santa gift from a coworker friend at my high school job at a pizza place!

Woman B: I was 21, in college. My best friend and I went to a friend’s birthday/sex toy party, you know, where they have a lady there who explains all the toys she has and then you can buy them. I was super drunk. And we all bought vibrators. Fun!

Woman C: I was 22 or 23, the year or so after graduating college.

Woman D: I was 21. My boyfriend at the time bought it for me at the checkout counter of a sex toy shop.

What kind was it?

Woman A: It was glow in the dark, the cheap wand kind you get from Spencer’s.

Woman B: Ack, I can’t even remember. It was similar to the rabbit? I think it might have been an imitation.

Woman C: It was the pink butterfly kiss vibrator.

Woman D: It was a tiny $14 bullet vibe, three settings, hard plastic.

Was getting it a positive experience?

Woman A: It was a fun gift to receive — I didn’t have to go buy one myself! — but my mom found it in my backpack and yelled at me about it. Weird, since she’s pretty sex-positive.

Woman B: I mean, it was OK. I didn’t really use it that often. It felt depressing to use instead of a man.

Woman C: Purchasing it was uncomfortable — I didn’t want to go into a brick and mortar store or order online from a sex shop in case the packaging was obvious, so I ordered one online from to stay conspicuous. Once it arrived it was a positive experience!

Woman D: It was a strange experience. Already I was out of my comfort zone being at the sex toy shop in the first place, but we were there to get him a new butt plug and to find a harness that would fit me. The whole education of sex toys was too much at once that day, but him buying that treat for me kind of felt like I had evolved into the next level of adulthood.

Had you had orgasms before you got it?

Woman A: Yep!

Woman B: Yes, all the time.

Woman C: Yes, but only my myself, not with a guy.

Woman D: Yes, I somehow managed to find the few good ones under the age of 25 who could give really good head.

How was it the first time you used it?

Woman A: I think the vibrations were a little too strong. Those cheap wand vibes feel really mechanical.

Woman B: Eh, I don’t think I had a better orgasm.

Woman C: It felt cool, different. I remember being worried I wouldn’t enjoy sex with a guy as much as it.

Woman D: System overload! It was almost too harsh a vibration to enjoy. But with a little careful maneuvering I learned to cherish it.

Is it more focused on clitoral or G-spot stimulation?

Woman A: Clitoral.

Woman B: It did both, but I wish I had gotten one that was only G-spot stimulation because I like doing the clitoris part myself. Maybe it’s because I’m a control freak? I’m even that way in bed with men. I mean, it’s hot to have my boyfriend fingering me during sex, but I’d honestly prefer to do it myself.

Woman C: Clitoral.

Woman D: It was made for clitoral stimulation.

Have you ever had a bad experience with a sex toy?

Woman A: Not really bad, but I’m not a fan of the rabbit-style vibes. G-spot stimulation makes me feel more like I have to pee than orgasm.

Woman B: Not really, because I don’t use them any more.

Woman C: Not yet, but I’ve only used a couple varieties.

Woman D: Yes. I wanted to get my first boyfriend a sex toy but not knowing what was a weird Spencer’s gag gift and what was a bonafide sex toy, I opted for the quickest and cheapest option: a penis ring. It was too small on him and inhibited my sexual pleasure since intercourse stopped at the ring.

Do you use dildos? Why/why not?

Woman A: No, I have male partners and I’ve never wanted another penetrable in the mix, and I don’t use them by myself since I prefer clit simulation for solo activities.

Woman B: No, I prefer to use my hand.

Woman C: No, I don’t find them to be a turn on.

Woman D: Not on myself but on my partners, yes. I’d much rather have the real thing or just clitoral stimulation than a rubber or glass mallet pounding at my p*ssy.

Has a partner ever suggested using a sex toy you didn’t want to use?

Woman A: Not yet, knock on wood!

Woman B: Nope, I think I’d be pretty open to trying anything. But I’ve had pretty vanilla-y boyfriends, so they’ve never even suggested it.

Woman C: Partners have put the ideas in my head, but never forced usage on me. The encouragement has always been about finding ways to make me feel good.

Woman D: Yes, my ex had a collection of xxl dildos for his ass and liked me to wear them on a harness. It wasn’t the pegging that I felt uncomfortable with, one was so ungodly massive it hurt me emotionally to use it on him. I thought I was going to hurt him!

Do you feel like you enjoy non-sex-toy sex more or less since you started using sex toys?

Woman A: If anything, I enjoy non-sex-toy sex more. Toys feel really good but it’s enjoyable to feel that good with only biological toys!

Woman B: I definitely prefer non-sex-toy sex.

Woman C: I’d say both about the same. Both experiences can be really rewarding and feel amazing. Depends on the moods of my partner and myself.

Woman D: I definitely enjoy sex just as is, no toys, no vibes. I just feel it’s more intimate and personal. For me toys are a great way to occasionally spruce up a routine or to mark a special occasion.

Do you think it’s possible to use sex toys too often?

Woman A: Theoretically, since I’ve never heard of this problem. Like anything, I think if it gets in the way, it might become a problem.

Woman B: Ha, no. Definitely not. I mean, was that SATC episode supposed to be based on real life? Had Charlotte never had a good orgasm before? I thought that was so weird. I mean, if you’ve never had a good orgasm before and you’re 35 and you get one from a sex toy, I think you should be blowing off all your friends all the time to use it. You’re simply making up for lost time.

Woman C: If it feels good for you, then no! As long it’s not replacing intimacy or sex with a partner if you’re in a relationship.

Woman D: I will say I feel differently when it comes to solo sex. I do not think it is possible for one to use sex toys too much on just themselves.

Do you use anal sex toys?

Woman A: Nope.

Woman B: I wish.

Woman C: I do not.

Woman D: Not on myself.

Have your partners known that you have a sex toy?

Woman A: I think so.

Woman B: Yes. My college boyfriend knew about the vibrator.

Woman C: Yes.

Woman D: I don’t have a massive collection, maybe 1-2 vibrators, all quite small. (I’m working on amassing my collection still). But yes, all serious partners knew I had a toy.

How have they felt about it?

Woman A: Haven’t minded at all. Probably they were turned on by it!

Woman B: He didn’t care and thought it was hot.

Woman C: Excited about it. Encouraging. My current boyfriend just sent me a new one since he’s currently deployed and not physically with me. It makes him feel like he’s part of what makes me feel good, despite not being around.

Woman D: They were always 100% supportive of my having a sex toy. In a way, I think it intimidates them. Like, they know that when they go back home, I will still be taken care of. Makes them try harder next time we’re in bed.

Do you enjoy using a vibrator or sex toy, or your hand or a pillow or whatever more?

Woman A: I enjoy a vibrator more because it feels better, but my hand will never fail me and it’s silent!

Woman B: I prefer my hand.

Do you have a better chance of coming by using a vibrator or having oral/vaginal sex with a person?

Woman A: A vibrator is a no-fail orgasm for me, but having intercourse is almost a guarantee since my broken vibe hasn’t been replaced.

Woman B: I can come either way. I prefer to be with a person.

Woman C: Vibrator.

Woman D: Since oral varies so drastically by the person, experience says I’m more likely to come with a vibrator. But if you get that right person who knows your vagina and clit like a butter knife knows jam and biscuits, who needs toys!

Have you used other kinds of sex toys?

Woman A: Yes! Vibrating cock rings and nipple clamps, if those count!

Woman B: No.

Woman C: Just vibrators.

Woman D: Yes, bondage toys, like nipple clamps, ball gags, floggers, etc.

Have you ever used sex toys during sex with your BF? Which ones?

Woman A: I think a small vibrator. It’s been awhile!

Woman C: Yup, I use them about 50% of the time with him, and 50% alone. I use the magic wand and the butterfly kiss.

Woman D: See above.

What would you recommend for a first vibrator?

Woman A: Absolutely the magic/silver bullet — it’s inexpensive, small, basically foolproof! Adjustable speed, and it’s just as good for using solo as with someone.

Woman B: I don’t know that I would recommend a vibrator. I think exploring with your hands teaches you more about yourself, etc. But you know, if a woman is really uncomfortable touching herself, I guess something like a rabbit that has vaginal and clitoral stimulation would be best.

Woman C: Something simple and easy to operate. Some of them look really intimidating and do a hundred different things. Really all you need is to figure out what works for you and find a toy that does that.

Woman D: Something soft to the touch, 10 different speeds and rhythms, small and silent.

Start Rocking Your World Using The Right Kind of Toys

Most of the women prefer sex toys such as a vibrator, comb, and other things as well. With the help of a vibrator, a woman can fulfill their fantasy. You should buy the sex toys and enhance the bonding with a partner.

Here we are talking about vibrator is one of the most popular sex toys because the vibrator can give you enough relaxation. If you are looking for the best sex toys, then it would be a daunting task. There are thousands of options available in the market. You can choose the vibrator in the different sizes, shapes, and colors as well. So you are buying Rock and roll themed sex toys for masturbation? Before buying any sex toy, you should ask a lot of question from yourself. Let’s discuss the important things that you should know while buying Rock and roll themed sex toys.

What kind of toy you want?

There are thousands of vibrators are out there such as a bullet, wireless and traditional vibrator, etc. if you have knowledge about the vibrator, then it would be an easier task for you whereas, it would be difficult for beginners. For instance, if you want affordable and easy to hide, then you should choose the bullet vibrator that will give you the best features.

Choose the size

Size will depend on your choice because there are so many options are out there. It would be better to choose two inches vibrator that can give you enough relaxation. However, grab the 5 to 7 inches wider vibrator.

Select the best power

Before buying the vibrator, you will have to check the power of the vibrator. Most of the vibrator can run via electricity or other uses batteries. However, it is recommended that you should prefer a rechargeable vibrator over other ones. If you are going with battery vibrator, then make sure that you are choosing AAA batteries. It is one of the most popular vibrators that are offering huge power.

What about materials?

Always choose the hard plastic vibrator that is quite better as compared to others. Most of the researchers, claims that these toys aren’t good for the internal use. Thus, you should prefer sex.

Secrets Revealed: Most people love to collect sex toys. Here’s why

Collecting sex toys can be so much fun. But why do people collect sex toys? There are several important things to discuss here that will help you understand why adult toys are so popular and why collecting them is such a great hobby. 

Sex Toys Provide Unlimited Pleasure

The main advantage of sex toys is that they are designed to provide pleasure. With that in mind, it is easy to understand why sex toys are so popular. They can offer ways to explore pleasure like never before, and each orgasm will be powerful and intense. It is the ultimate pleasure. 


Thanks to the popularity of sex toys, the market keeps growing, which only means more options for both men and women. If we take a look at available sex toys for women, you can find models designed to assist with clitoral stimulation, penetration, etc. Regardless of what you are into, you can find a sex toy that can help you climax faster. 


The only thing you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience. But at the same time, each toy is focused on a specific body part or erogenous zone. Getting a rabbit vibrator is a great idea, but what if you desire to have anal toys? This is one of the reasons why people enjoy having a toy collection. You can have a model for every occasion. 

Sex Toys Have Fancy Designs

With more people being open about their sexuality and pleasure, companies are introducing new models almost daily. As a result, a person might be tempted to buy a new toy even though they already have one that serves a similar purpose. And that’s perfectly fine. Sex toys are so much fun. So, why get a single one when you can buy, well, a lot more. 


If you take a look at vibrators, rabbit ones are just one of many options. You can go for bullet vibrators, remote-controlled models, and countless others. Since vibrations can be rather stimulating, almost every sex toy in existence is available in a vibrating version. At the same time, you might be interested in toys that you can use with your partner. It is possible to find toys for oral and anal sex, for massages, those made from all kinds of materials, etc. And they can be quite versatile. 


There are double-ended dildos, prostate massagers with clitoris vibrators, cock rings, and so on. So, picking just one adult toy to buy would be quite challenging. This is why so many people start making their own toy collections. 

Sex Toys Are Cheap

Unlike the majority of other hobbies and collections, sex toys are cheap. You can create a beautiful collection with toys of all shapes and sizes without spending a fortune on it. And this allows everyone to start making a collection on their own. Needless to say, there is no reason to buy dozens of toys at once. You can always start small and build your collection as time goes by. 


This is also great because you will have enough time to try them out before you buy your next one. Furthermore, testing your toys will allow you to shape your preferences and tastes. You will notice which toys make you reach orgasm easier, and focus on getting something similar. After all, half of the fun is in exploring and discovering new things. 


As you become more comfortable with toys, you can move to something different. Those inexperienced in the field should always start small and build their way up. Buying the biggest dildo sex shop has to offer is not always a good idea. But if you work your way to the top, you’ll be ready to use it one day. And that is exactly the point. You can buy a toy thinking how you will only use it for a couple of weeks without feeling bad. They are affordable, and creating a sex toy collection is cheaper than nearly any other type of collection.

Sex Toys Are Usable

If you ever read about other types of collections, the idea is to keep an item without ever using it. People interested in these hobbies will pay good money if something is in its original box, and if you want the item to keep the price, you must never use it. 


And that’s one of the main differences. You don’t need to keep your collection in mint state. In fact, that’s the last thing you would do, which makes the entire hobby a lot more reasonable. What is the point of buying and owning something you will never use? Many people see this as a waste of money. 


But sex toys are designed to be used, and you will use them a lot. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is one of many reasons to start making your collection as soon as possible. 

Sex Toys Have Great Health Benefits

Did you know that sex toys are beneficial for your health? That’s right — there are a few benefits you will notice as soon as you start using sex toys. Firstly, they are a great way to battle stress and anxiety. 


Each orgasm allows the brain to release happy chemicals making us feel good. But there is more! By using sex toys, you will be able to learn more about your body and your preferences. With this, you will be more comfortable in your own skin, and it is the simplest way to be better at sex with your partner. 


Sex toys do an excellent job at helping you climax, which will also result in a better immune system, lower stress levels, and even help you fall asleep easier. So, the only thing left for you to do is visit your nearest sex shop and start building your collection.

That One Night With a Rock Star

Besides giving us great tunes and memorable riffs over the years, pop music, particularly rock, gave us groupies too. Girls who would follow their favorite bands and artists across the country and even the world, having sex with them and being their muses. One of our friends, Alexa, was kind enough to share her girl confession with us. Here’s what she had to say about having sex with a rockstar.

I’ve Been Following This Band for Years

“My first introduction to him and his band was in 2001. It was a time when I was living in NYC, studying to get my social sciences diploma. And as luck would have it, the early 2000s were a renaissance for rock music. Ever since Nirvana broke the mainstream, there were all sorts of uninspiring bands looking to make it big, but none of them had the looks or intelligence to spark interest in me.


“You see, rock ‘n’ roll was and still is a big thing to me. I can’t even begin to describe how important it is to my life and our society in general. But just like with anything that makes the kids use their brains, the mainstream comes along and reshapes it into some MTV garbage, selling logos and trademarks like iPhones and Big Macs. Unfortunately, the same thing would happen to grunge, indie, and all other derivatives of punk.


“But something befell music around 9/11. There was a sudden influx of cool bands with smart lyrics and good looks. Of course, I’m not going to name the band I’m talking about here, but you can figure it out. They’re like some film-noir-inspired quartet that puts ‘The Strokes’ and ‘The Killers’ to shame every time they release a new album.”

I Can’t Believe They Are in Town!

“My experience with the frontman didn’t happen while I was in New York. It was actually sometime later when his rock band was promoting their first and only major label record nationwide. When my best friend called me to say that they were coming, I went full-on crazy. I knew I had to get the best seats in our local venue.

“Still, I couldn’t find VIP tickets anywhere. They were at the top of their game at the time, and everyone was willing to see them live. The best I could hope for was to wait around the back alley after the show, in the hope of seeing them. But luck was on my side. My best friend knew how much this would mean to me, so she blew some guy for the VIP tickets and gave them to me, saying: ‘You go get him, bad girl.’”

The Best VIP Tickets I’ve Ever Had

“As I’ve said, the band was at the peak of their popularity, and the show was almost hypnotizing. But that wasn’t the highlight of my evening. Me and the rest of the girls in the VIP area were invited by their roadie to join the band backstage. At that moment, I knew I was going to get him. Even if some girls were more attractive, I was always the one who would receive the most attention at such events.


“The backstage party was straight up wild. There was booze, coke, and some eerie italo-disco playing in the room. The other girls would swarm the guys in waves, talking shit like most fans, making it easy for me. I knew I just had to sit on the couch, light a cigarette, and allow him to come over. And just like that, he sat next to me, still sweaty from playing an hour-long set.”

He Pinned My Hands Down and Pounded Me

“The thing is, he wasn’t a creep at all. He was classy, asking me all sorts of questions, and he seemed interested in what I had to say. And believe me, I can spot a guy bullshitting me. I’ve been around the block. Moreover, I was surprised by how intelligent and eloquent he was. I guess that’s what drew me to him so much besides his good looks and quasi-existential lyrics.


“After talking for an hour, he placed his hand on the couch behind my neck. It was a classic move, and we both knew what was going to happen next. I asked him If we could go someplace else because the music and other girls were starting to get too loud. He took my hand, and we went into his dressing room.

“There was no time for sweet-talking and hugs. As soon as we went inside, I grabbed his cock through his trousers. Seconds later, he pinned my hands and body down with my head on a plateau in front of him. He unzipped his pants and slid his penis from behind like it was nothing. He wasn’t massive or anything like that, but he had a stocky cock with some quality girth on it.”

Bar Has Been Set So High

“He fucked me so good. I can’t even remember all the kinky stuff we did. It was like a beautiful nightmare, if you know what I mean. And yes, it was all with consent, nothing like some other creeps in the entertainment industry would do. We also used protection, so I didn’t catch any STIs during the deed.


“However, there’s one thing that didn’t work out as I planned. Ever since that night, all the men I sleep with pale in comparison to him. Sure, they might have bigger dicks, even better looks, but not one of them has that bravado. You could say I’ve made my bed by having sex with him, but I’m sure every one of you would do the same if you were in my shoes that night.” — Alexa

Using Cock Rings for Multiple Orgasms

Can cock rings turn your dick into a huge and throbbing monster? If you’ve ever seen a few porn movies featuring this incredible accessory, you’ve probably noticed that cock rings make penises look veiny and enormous, and that’s definitely one part of their job! However, while they can transform your dick into a pornstar-certified sex weapon, they have many other benefits for men and women too. We’ll show you the secrets to using cock rings for multiple orgasms!

What Exactly Does a Cock Ring Do?

Firstly, this simple sex toy is a tight ring that binds around a penis or dildo. By tightly gripping the base of the shaft, this ring restricts the blood flow. Ultimately, it prolongs erections. Cock rings are often made of stretchy and flexible materials like silicone. However, there are some metal, glass, plastic, or leather variants that are tighter (non-adjustable), as well as rings with vibrating functions.

Generally, erections occur when the penis tissue gets filled with blood during arousal. However, the blood pressure can shift in the penis. When arousal stops after an orgasm, the blood flows out of the penis. After that, there’s a refractory period. This makes it impossible for men to get their blood pumping again. That’s exactly where penis rings come in.

Namely, people with penises can wear a cock ring to prevent blood backflow and increase their erection time and strength. Still, there are a couple of rules you should remember before you or your partner put a ring on it!

How to Use a Cock Ring

Cock rings should be worn for a maximum of 20 minutes to half an hour. Anything longer can put you at risk of cutting off the blood supply. That can cause a loss of sensations or even deplete the tissue of oxygen. This rule applies to all cock rings as well as toys like nipple clamps.

With stretchy silicone cock rings, you can put them on a penis while it’s semi-erect or fully hard. Non-adjustable rings made of glass or metal should be installed before an erection. When you slide it all the way down to the base of the penis, you can use it during masturbation, oral sex, and penetrative sex (vaginal and anal). Alternatively, if you want to add a vibrating cock ring to a dildo and use it during masturbation, the previous rules will not apply for obvious reasons.

Moreover, you should use plenty of lube when you put the ring on. Only use a lube type that’s suitable for the material of your ring. Also, for removal, you can take a stretchy ring off at any point. For plastic or metal cock rings, the penis needs to be flaccid during removal.

Should I Consider Using a Vibrating Cock Ring? 

If you’re not sure whether you need to get a standard or a vibrating ring, here are some reasons you should consider:

  • Some vibrating rings can stimulate your genital area (cock and balls). However, they are mainly intended to stimulate your partner as you penetrate them.
  • Vibrating rings can enhance the stimulation of the clitoris and vulva.
  • They can also improve anal sex by applying pressure and vibrations to the sphincter.
  • They are great for male solo masturbation and even provide hands-free orgasms.
  • If you want to use one with a dildo, the built-in vibrator will stimulate your clitoris or anus during solo penetration.
  • These toys can provide powerful vibrations. If you’re extra sensitive, you could perceive the vibrations as an uncomfortable tingling sensation. In this case, vibrating rings may not be for you.
  • If you’re sensitive and prefer to use the ring to help you last longer, the additional stimulation from the vibrations could make you orgasm quicker. In this case, it’s better to opt for a non-vibrating ring. We highly recommend checking to find your perfect fit.

Multiple Orgasms With Cock Rings

The reason why cock rings are such a fantastic toy is that they can contribute to multiple orgasms for women as well as men. For women, a vibrating ring can lead to extra stimulation. This can create waves of strong clitoral or blended cock ring orgasms. Plus, the increased size, girth, and strength of a penis with a vibrating ring will feel highly stimulating as it hits the G-spot.

Obviously, cock rings can make men last longer too. That can help them to stimulate women for a long time and lead them to experience multiple orgasms during sex. What’s more, if you intend to use a vibrating ring with a dildo during solo masturbation, you can take your time and try to have as many orgasms as possible. It’s also possible to have your partner use these two toys on you to get you to reach multiple orgasms.

On the other hand, cock rings can make men stay hard after their first orgasm. They can also allow you to have an orgasm without ejaculation. When this happens, men can have a few orgasms in a row. However, this is a tricky technique to master. It takes some practice and usually involves edging, the stop/squeeze technique, Kegels, and several other techniques. The goal is to use a cock ring to train yourself to experience non-ejaculatory orgasms. With practice, it’s possible to have as many of those orgasms as you want during sex.

Safety First!

Like we’ve said, you should pay close attention to the risks and learn how to use cock rings safely. Remember that you shouldn’t go over the 30-minute limit while wearing them. It’s best to take the ring off immediately after sex. After that, you can allow your penis to get back to its usual state. Then, wait 60 minutes before putting the ring on again. Moreover, it’s absolutely essential that you remove the ring after each use. Do not fall asleep with it!

Plus, during blowjobs, pay attention to small parts on vibrating cock rings as they could be a choking hazard. Obviously, it’s important to clean the ring before and after each use.

However, before using this toy, you or your partner should check their medical conditions. If you suffer from Peyronie’s disease, cardiac problems, or have difficulty urinating, it’s best to avoid cock rings altogether.

One Ring to Rule Them All!

Now that you’re ready to start your epic cock ring adventure, it’s time to order the best ring for you and have fun!

Are there rock and roll vintage vibrators?

An invention of the Vintage vibrators

Suddenly, the inventive doctor was afraid of the unexpected success of his imagination: No, he had never tried the device in women and will not do so in the future, wrote Joseph Mortimer Granville 1883 in his booklet on “nerve vibration”. The invention is meant to relax the tense muscles of male patients, he added.

Alone, his colleagues whistled on the concerns of the British. The physicians hurried in droves and tore the miracle weapon they had just created out of their hands: a kind of drill with a small ball at the tip. At the touch of a button, it began to jerk gently. The power for this came from a suitcase-sized battery, which was connected by cable to the device.

Ironically, in Victorian-prudish England, Mortimer Granville developed the world’s first electric Vintage vibrators. And thus made it all the better – the male medical profession.

Medically prescribed fumbling

For “Granville’s Hammer”, as the invention was baptised, made an extraordinary form of medical therapy that had been practised for centuries unnecessary: the manual massage of the clitoris in patients with “hysteria”. Finally – as the tenor of the entertaining feature film “In Good Hands” by US director Tanya Wexler – this had for the treating physicians anything, but pleasurable, time-consuming and sometimes evens a sore tennis arm triggering task an end.
Even in ancient times, the doctors toiled around with the delicate handwork. Since hypocrites, so-called hysteria has been considered a gynaecological condition that originated in the uterus and resulted in congestion of female senses of humour. To relieve this congestion, it was up to the physicians to induce a “hysterical crisis” through genital massage – which was, in fact, equivalent to a female orgasm. 

As such, however, hardly anyone perceived him: After all, a proper sexual act, so the prevailing opinion to the 21st century requires male penetration and climax. Therefore, neither doctors nor husbands had a moral problem with this medically prescribed fiddling.

By train to orgasm

The ladies themselves, in turn, seemed to enjoy the therapy very much. The upper-class women made regular pilgrimages to the doctor, who usually massaged them once a week – or else brought alternative treatments for stimulation into play: since the Middle Ages, medics have recommended extensive horseback riding, especially in the case of widows and nuns Doctors of the famous Parisian hospital their “hysterical” patients in the monotonously over the track bed jerking railway.

But also since the 18th Century, flourishing spas and spas with their pools, waterfalls and stimulating shower chairs enjoyed the ladies of the upper layers of great popularity. An observer at the British resort Malvern wrote in 1851 that the women after the “hydrotherapy” were so liberated and happy, “as if they had drunk champagne”.


At about the same time, female “hysteria” became a fashion diagnosis, under which the puzzled physicians subsumed all sorts of symptoms, including a headache, insomnia, and moodiness. In the US alone, contemporary estimates suggest, nearly three-quarters of all women in the second half of the 19th century suffered from the mysterious disease: a dramatic peak in hysteria was reached, and urgent relief was needed.

Full steam against hysteria

It all started with the American doctor George Taylor. In 1869 he secured the patent for a steam-powered “manipulator”. The bulky and expensive device he mounted under a couch, which was provided with an opening on which the women settled for treatment. Fourteen years later, his British colleague Joseph Mortimer Granville invented his decidedly cheaper and more manageable electric-powered copy: the new Vintage vibrators were born shortly after the first electric iron – and almost two decades before the vacuum cleaner by British inventor Hubert Cecil Booth.

Although Mortimer Granville explicitly advised against the treatment of hysterical patients – far too vague was the clinical picture and too high the risk of a “hypochondria deception”. The medical profession nevertheless celebrated him unimpressed for his invention. “Granville’s Hammer,” rejoiced the American physician Samuel Spencer Wallian, “solve in five to ten minutes” a problem for which the doctor in the past “requires an hour of meticulous manual work”.

In 1900, visitors to the Paris World’s Fair already admired more than a dozen specimens of various types: from a simple hand-cranked Vintage vibrator or foot pedal to a model dangling from the ceiling like the impact wrench in an auto repair shop to the Chattanooga $ 200 luxury version.

Wonder weapon against hair loss and bacon

Touted as a medical massager, the Vintage vibratos first became a must-have for every doctor’s office. Some physicians immediately bought a whole set and opened individual treatment rooms where several patients could be helped at once. But for men, the Vintage vibrators came into fashion. With various essays, he became a panacea, which was used in many different places to alleviate almost any suffering.

Whether osteoarthritis, impotence, hair loss, constipation or bacon on the hips: The belief in the power of electrically generated vibrations was virtually unlimited. “All life is based on vibration,” Spencer Wallian raved in 1905, laying the groundwork for marketing the home Vintage vibrators with his general remarks.

Spanked as a health-promoting therapy device, the whirring, uncomplicated to be connected to the socket helpers held since the turn of the century in the households. Addressees were mainly women, as the flood of ads in US magazines such as “Needlecraft”, “Home Needlework Journal”, “Modern Women” or “Modern Priscilla” testifies.
This also stumbled on the US historian Rachel Maine in her research because actually, she wanted to research about the history of sewing machines and manual work. Fascinated, she set her topic aside and instead delved into the history of the Vintage vibrators.

Shining eyes, rosy cheeks

With slogans like “All the joys of youth will throb in you”, “Help every woman will appreciate” or “Mild, soothing, invigorating, refreshing. Developed by a woman who knows what women need” the florid Vintage vibrators advertised Industry for their pleasure equipment. In 1918, the company Sears, Roebuck and Company even developed Vintage vibrators that could be connected to a universal kitchen appliance, which also had adapters for a mixer and fan.

The US Company Star, in turn, praised his model in 1922 as a “delightful companion”, which is with its approximately two-meter-long cord “perfect for weekend trips”. At about the same time, manufacturers, such as Hearst’s Magazine, also turned to men and praised their Vintage vibratos as an ideal Christmas gift that could give women “shiny eyes and rosy cheeks”.
“Joys of a Widow”
Two things must have scared the advertising campaigns, the scientist speculates: First, the level of knowledge about the female climax improved, for example by the studies of Sigmund Freud. On the other hand, the Vintage vibratos began at that time to appear more in erotic films – now bluntly as a female fortune generator.

Among the best known is the early sex film “The History of a Nun” (not to be confused with the same work of 1959 with Audrey Hepburn). But also “joys of a widow”, the late twenties turned porn strip in which a lady at the door chastely repulses her male companion, and then immediately rush into her bedroom and take with an old Vintage vibrator to be satisfied.

When the women’s movement of the 1970s tried to get the Vintage vibrators out of the mess, the conservative government headed by Ronald Reagan made a decisive contribution to its triumphal procession in American households: America’s top health official, Surgeon General Everett Koop, sent an anti-AIDS campaign, in May 1988 an eight-page educational booklet to all US households and recommended, in addition to the use of condoms, the use of Vintage vibratos.

Rock and roll urtheral sounding devices

Weakness in men’s health: how to treat a urethral stricture

A urethral structure (narrowing of the urethra) can lead to the most severe, often fatal complications. It’s wrong. Are you worried about Is urethral insertion safe? Then consider the below points.

Channel dam

The urethra is only 3–6 cm long in women, and about 30 in men. This “inequality” explains the fact that women contract urinary infections much more easily than men. However, men are more likely to carry sexually transmitted infections that last longer in their long urethra. Without adequate treatment, the infection penetrates into the deep layers, which leads to its narrowing. This is where the serious problems begin. It is no coincidence that men call the urethra the Achilles heel of the stronger sex.

But if only children aren’t heard about prostate today, then only the patients themselves and their doctors can tell about the problems with the urethra. It is not customary to speak loudly about urination disorders.

In addition to chronic infections, the most common cause of stricture formation in men is trauma. Usually, a rupture of the urethra is a consequence of a fracture of the pelvic bones or a fall on the perineum. Recently, more and more often, patients suffer damage to the urethra as a result of injecting various kinds of drugs into the canal and improperly conducting invasive medical procedures (catheterization, laser therapy, bougienage, etc.)

Bewitched circle

Stricture prevents the normal emptying of the bladder. A very difficult conclusion follows from this simple statement: a chronic violation of emptying leads to an increase in the amount of residual urine that remains in the bladder. Its delay gradually leads to a decrease in sensitivity and a decrease in the contractility of the bladder. Constant excessive pressure in it does not allow the kidneys to work effectively, which leads to the extinction of their function and the development of renal failure. To save the lives of such patients perform cystostomy – an operation in which a hole is formed in the lower abdomen and a drainage tube is installed so that urine can flow out into the urinal.

At best, this nightmare does not last forever, and with a cystostomy tube, in anticipation of a rescue operation, a person walks for 3-4 months. But the fact is that the cystostomy is the “entrance gate” for a new urinary infection and the situation can turn into a “vicious circle”.

Non-iron flow

The symptoms of a stricture are quite simple and it is difficult not to notice them: a weak stream, the need for straining, intermittent urination and a feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder. These symptoms appear rather quickly: after injury already in 1-3 weeks, and in case of infectious inflammation – by the end of the 2-3rd month from the onset of the disease.

Similar symptoms are observed in adenoma, prostate cancer, prostatitis and some neurological diseases. The most common cause of neurogenic disorders of urination are injuries and diseases of the spine with damage to the spinal cord, nervous diseases with damage to the central nervous system.

By the way, the stricture of the urethra can also be the cause of the so-called secondary prostatitis, which is the result of urine injections into the prostate gland. It is clear that without removing the stricture of the urethra, as the main cause of the disease, the treatment of such prostatitis can last forever.

Today, the latest medical imaging systems (multi-spiral computed tomography, 3D echourethrography, magnetic resonance urography) help to accurately diagnose these diseases. Thanks to modern technologies, it has become possible to obtain virtual endoscopic images of the urethra and bladder without instrumental penetration into the patient’s body.

There is an exit!

Until recently, medicine could offer a patient with a ureteral stricture only an operation called anastomotic urethroplasty. The essence of the operation is that an incision of the skin and soft tissues is made at the site of the stricture, the narrowed part of the urethra is excised (removed), and the unchanged ends of the urethra are stitched together.

It is clear that the longer the stricture, the larger part of the urethra must be removed, which means that its length will decrease by exactly so much. Therefore, one of the most adverse effects of such an operation is the shortening and curvature of the penis. And the probability of recurrence fluctuates at the level of 35%.

In the 70s of the last century, endoscopic, which means organ-saving operation called internal optical urethrotomy, became widespread. Technically, the operation consists in cutting the narrowing from the inside. Unfortunately, this method does not allow removing the scar-modified area of the narrowed urethra. Therefore, recurrent strictures after endoscopic treatment can be observed in 80% of patients.

Today in America, the tactics of mucosal transplantation from the cheek of the patient himself to the place of stricture dissection has been applied. This allows you to avoid curvature and reduce the likelihood of re-formation of a narrowing to 12%, and according to some data, even to 5%. Cheek mucosa recovers very quickly. The operation lasts a maximum of one and a half hours, after 2–3 weeks a catheter is removed from the urethra and independent urination is restored.

Repeatedly operated patients sometimes need a two-step operation. In the first operation, a stricture is removed, the scar tissue surrounding it and mucosal transplantation. The second stage, in 2–3 months, forms a new urethra.
But this is not the latest achievement of reconstructive surgery. Operations are already underway when artificial materials and tissues obtained by tissue engineering are transplanted. Under sterile laboratory conditions, the patient’s own cells are grown on special matrices, which during surgery are used to replace scar-modified and non-viable tissues of the urethra or penis. This is not the medicine of a distant future. All these methods of treatment are used in America today.

The most common causes of urethral stricture

Related to injuries
• Trauma or injury to the penis with damage to the hanging urethra
• Trauma or injury to the perineum
• Trauma to the pelvis with a fracture of the pelvic bones
• Medical instrumental procedures in the urethra: prolonged (more than 1 month) finding a catheter in the urethra, bowling of the urethra, dissection of urethral narrowing urethrotomy), removal of stones or foreign bodies
• Self-damage to the urethra after the introduction of foreign bodies into it during masturbation
• Unsuccessful operations on the penis and urethra
• Prostate surgery oh gland

Associated with inflammation of the urethra
• Infectious inflammation of the urethra: gonorrhea, tuberculosis, non-gonococcal urethritis
• Chemical damage to the urethra (burns) by substances used for the purpose of treatment or self-treatment: silver compounds, chlorhexidine solution, concentrated potassium permanganate solution, dimethyl sulfoxide, alcohol, kerosene

Unspecified processes that are inherently inhibited by urethral manganate acid sclerosing lichen or xerotic obliterans balanitis. Learn more at Lustplugs.

Rock and roll themed butt plugs

Butt plug – that’s how it works!

The Anal Plug or Butt Plug is worn on very different occasions, but most of the time, butt plugs cause intense cum. It is a sex toy of a very special kind and will bring you the highest satisfaction and almost incredible orgasms. Discover the anal sex brand new, together with the partner or alone, you can experience the highest desire. Expand your sex toy collection; an anal plug must be there. If you have not had experience with anal sex, then a lubricant is recommended, so you can easily insert the butt plug in the anus.
How to use the butt plug!

The butt plug has a cone-shaped appearance, so narrow at the top and wider at the bottom. This sex toy is intended exclusively for the anus; with it you can really enjoy the anal sex. Because the anal plug stretches the anus and stimulates the nerve endings inside and outside. First, you need to wet the butt plug and the anus with lubricant.

This is important because otherwise the introduction hurts terribly. However, if there is enough moisture, the plug can easily disappear into after. Then insert the anal plug. It’s up to you, of course, but there are three positions to make it easier for you to introduce it. Bend forward on all fours, the partner then introduces the butt plug. Put a pillow under your buttocks, put yourself on your back and spread your legs. Sit in a squat over the anal plug. You will quickly find out which variant you like.

Now hold the butt plug to the base and guide the tip to the anus. It can now be easily inserted with light pressure. But slowly, if you feel the tip of the plug and feel really comfortable, you can introduce another piece. Be careful, you have to get used to the plug first. If you still feel well, you can continue to insert the butt plug in such a way that the thick shaft remains outside the body. Now sexual intercourse is possible or you stimulate your genitals.

Of course, there is also a plug with vibration and with rubbing on the shaft, you can cause another tingling. You will experience further excitement if you repeatedly pull out the plug and insert it. Maybe you let the butt plug get stuck, it can be worn for several hours. However, it is recommended to pull it out more often and moisten it with new lubricant. So you can wear it for hours without any disadvantages are to be expected.

In the beginning you should use a very small plug, which is elastic and small. It should also be easy to use; you have to gain experience first. Later, you can handle a bit more pepper in the butt; the plug can always be replaced by a larger model. They experience unimagined feelings with an anal plug; men have more pressure on the prostate and women on the back of the vagina. Of course you can also choose a butt plug with vibration, with several speed levels and different applications you can experience unexpected orgasms.

Why do you actually need a butt plug?

Well, the butt plug is worn for a variety of reasons. Mostly a plug is used to allow the anal intercourse. Incidentally a butt plug can be worn unseen, it can be used equally in men and women, and there is no difference here. Often the plug is introduced during the prelude, how long it stays there is solely and solely your thing. He can only stay there for a few minutes, but he can also be carried for several hours. Of course, the anus expands and the muscles of the sphincter contract only slowly. So we the anal traffic more relaxed and does not hurt anymore.

Stimulate the man’s G-spot with an anal plug!

It is said that the prostate should be the G-spot of the man. So men wear a plug to stimulate the prostate. A model should be chosen that can easily reach the prostate and where the vibration is adjustable.

Anal plug during masturbation!

Of course, the plug can also be worn to masturbation, with women using it much more often than the masters of creation. In women, the plug should be linked to a vibration; thereby the orgasm is even more intense. In addition, a vibrator can irritate the clitoris.

Butt plug during sex

Many women find it particularly enjoyable to be completely “filled in”. Do not worry, you do not have to get an extra man into the bedroom, an anal plug does it too. Impractical, however, is an anal dildo, you would have to hold him so constantly. Here is a plug the perfect solution, it can be introduced some time before the actual traffic, but also offers a lot of variety during foreplay. It has a typical shape and does not slip out of the anus. Here, elastic materials are very popular and just at the beginning of a small size should be selected. Later you can increase this; a plug is available in many sizes and in many variants. Many butt plugs are equipped with vibrators that make the man and the man special pleasures.

Deluxe Silicone Inflatable Anal Plug with Pump BDSM

Ultimate Pleasure: You should really experience it yourself: The fun of anal sex gets even bigger when you insert and use the inflatable plug! At the same time, the prostate swells.

A type of air injection via pump: In the state of air release, the device can be easily introduced with lotion. Regulate with a hand pump (up and down pumps) and adjust to 10 cm.

Quality silicone material: only use high quality silicone material with a maximum weight of 33kg or more. Adult men will not break the material that way.

Wear plugs in public?

Yes, that is possible too. Some people love to wear this plug in public. You cannot see him under the clothes and so he can be carried on a city stroll, a visit to a bistro or a walk. This sex toy also gives them pleasure and pleasure outside of their own four walls, just like love balls or love eggs. Butt plugs for sale at LovePlugs.

The material!

The plugs for the anus are made of different materials; you will find models made of stainless steel, silicone, glass or plastic. It is up to your personal preference which model you choose, well they are all. Also, the size should be considered when buying, usually the plugs have a diameter of 20 to 50 mm. Of course there are special models, with vibrators or to inflate. Most of the plugs are made of a stretchy material and they are available in all colors. Normally, the surface is smooth, so that the lubricity is guaranteed. Of course, the plug must be thoroughly cleaned after use and for hygienic reasons; it is advisable to put on a condom. This makes cleaning much easier.

Chastity for rock and roll fanatics

Why wear a Gay male chastity belt?

Gay male chastity consists of enclosing the penis in a cage specially designed to prevent you from having full erections or using peeing to have sex. When you have it on, you cannot masturbate or have orgasms, and only the person who “keeps the key” can take it away from you. One would think that any man is scared of just hearing this, but no: there are a few who moan with enthusiasm. Being in a cage can be extremely exciting and satisfying. Some people say that the deprivation of orgasm increases sexual appetite. It is also an accepted fact that chastity cages improve semen among men. It also enhances the relationship between the dominant and the submissive.

This fetish is not something that can be taken lightly. Not only does it change the life of the caged but it also implies a great responsibility on the part of the key protector. Although those who enclose their penises in chastity belts have clear that they will have to deal with a little discomfort, in more severe cases a misplaced device can cause severe damage, and it happens, the person who has the key must remove the belt immediately.

To learn more about what motivates people to participate in this fetish, if you want to experience with chastity belts then ask for advice for those who want to start in this world. If your partner is gay or bisexual, that does not mean heterosexual men do not have this fetish, but generally, heterosexuals refused to participate because of shame.

How was the first time you wore a chastity belt?

It is an experience that can teach you a lot. You can learn how to walk with him all day and how to sleep without feeling uncomfortable. The first time you can use the CB-300. You need to be adjusted. Although you only used it one day, you may have a hard time sleeping, so took it off, wait a while and eventually got used to it. We all have erections when we’re asleep, it’s normal, but these things are made, so you do not stop. Then you wake up, and you have to find a way to get it off. Try to take a bath with cold water, but then you may realise that you get off if you pee. You can find more proper steps in using chastity cages online.

What do you like most about those devices?

It’s like you’re giving up something. Like that someone else has a certain level of control over you. Things like “put on this shirt” or “use this”, those things excite you. Chastity belts serve the same purpose. It is giving control to a person. Let him decide for you. Remember that in high school you used Converse because it was a very mild form of slavery that you could use every day because it restricted your ankle. It is best to have something sexy without people noticing.

What surprised you most about these devices?

It involves a lot of work. When you read a story or watch a porn video, it looks sexy all the time, but you have to clean it every day and cut your hair, so it does not get pulled on you. You must also be very careful when you go to the bathroom. Once, when you were starting, left the whole bathroom stained. It was very sexy chaos you can dye your pants, your jacket, everything.


What are the benefits?

You have always had a lower sexual appetite than your partners and found out that this helps you raise it a bit. Chastity devices make it more fun and out of your reach. This cage makes your submissive side come out, and you want to stay with your partner that night.

How was your first experience with a chastity device?

The first time you were with your partner and the first thing he did was put on the chastity device. It was a metal cage, and you were so excited that you could not lower your erection to be able to put on the invention. It was the first time you did things with a man, beyond kissing someone or playing with his feet.


What attracted you to the fetish?

You like to play with the senses of kinky forms. With chastity, you feel trapped. Your penis is enclosed. It reinforces your idea that you are inferior, a fag, and a person who does not deserve an orgasm and who needs discipline. In any case, that is the greatest desire for sexual fantasy. Chastity is perfect for that because it does not allow you to have sex with penetration. For me, it is fascinating to be impotent in that aspect. You also like the feminisation aspect. With this, you cannot pee standing. In a way, you’re fighting the heteropatriarchy. When you go to the bathroom, and you have to pee sitting by your chastity device.

What did you start with now?

With the CB6K you can bring it for more than a few hours. In case your skin overflows through the holes and get blisters because it rubs with your underwear. Also, once you had an erection so firm that it went through the middle hole and got stuck then at that time, you can see a lot of blood. Don’t panic, wash it out properly.

What other models have you used?

You can try the Bon4, which is made of pure silicone. Its better but you still have other complications. For example, You cannot keep it lubricated, and after an hour you feel as if someone had covered your penis with adhesive tape to tear it off. You can buy a cheap metal cage in store, which looks like a set of rings that they soldered together. You can use it as long as you want without being irritated although it is cumbersome. That’s why it’s better to use a thin nylon rope as a belt to support the weight.

How much is the most you’ve used a device?

Four days, this is little compared to other men. If you do not have a person who keeps your key and neither stable partners, so when you do, it is my own will. Those who want to try one of these devices is to ask their friends if they have one and borrow it because they are not cheap at all. But if you have the cash and want to be of help, cock cages as gifts is the best idea. Use it a couple of days and look for someone to keep your key. In most cases, they have to remove the device once a week to clean it and make sure they do not have wounds, abrasions, rashes or such things on the genitals. More info at lockthecock.

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