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Rock And Roll Bad Boy has plenty of savvy, sex toys enthusiast readers who might well be interested in your products, services, shop, website, business, etc. (hereafter referred to as “your biz” for simplicity’s sake). I offer a number of different ways you can engage with my readers through advertising and sponsorship:

Sidebar ads. See those banners and text links over there in my sidebar? You can buy space there, and get my readers’ eyes all over your biz.

Product reviews. Rock And Roll Bad Boy review sex toys, porn, and other sex-related products. Review posts bring your biz to my readers’ attention. Positive reviews aren’t guaranteed, of course, but even negative reviews can drive traffic to you.

Sponsored social media posts. Rock And Roll Bad Boy have plenty of engaged followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We can use those channels to tell my social circles about your biz.
Other advertising and sponsorship situations. If you have a particular vision for how we can work together to shine a spotlight on your biz, get in touch and let’s talk about it!