Are there rock and roll themed sex swings?

Sex Swing: How to use it to experience Ultimate Orgasm

In sex, much of the pleasure lies in the ability to try and experience new things to combat sexual routine and give a touch of fantasy and entertainment to your actions. This is something that the erotic industry knows very well, which is why it is inventing new toys and accessories to increase the pleasure. Would you like to experience domination and fetishism?Sex experts explain how to use sex swings to have the most fun.

Steps to follow:

1. One of the most beautiful and pleasant sexual positions of Kamasutra is “Embrassade”, in which the man is on the woman and penetrates her, how you see it in the picture. To realise it? It is necessary to have a muscular partner and be light; the opposite would require a lot of effort and little pleasure. But thanks to the swing of the love or sexual swing this small problem is more than solved, and you will be able to have a relationship while being suspended while your partner penetrates you easily.
2. There are two types of sex swings : those that are built to be installed on the ceiling of a room, ideal if you are not afraid to shout and have fun and those that are used “occasionally” that you can place for example on a door to make the most of the experience of any penetrations.
3. The swings of love are usually attached by three straps: one that passes in the middle of the back, another on the lumbar or buttocks and the third hold the legs. You can also find ankle straps, depending on the model. Usually, the material is quilted nylon, skin or imitation leather, and the important thing is that the straps are soft and comfortable, so they do not hurt the skin.
4. The use of the sex swing is straightforward because it is an accessory that allows you to try different positions. The most classic is the one that imitates the position of Kamasutra that we showed you above but with a backward inclination. The woman places her back on the top ropes and legs on the lower strings; she remains suspended, with her legs open and stands ready to be penetrated with much pleasure by her partner.
5. The previous sexual position is the only one that can be achieved if you buy a love swing for the door if you opt for the ceiling version you can try more positions. For example, how to place your back and sit on your partner, make the puppy hanging in the air and even work with anal sex in this fun form.
6. If you choose a sex swing ceiling or door, it is essential to check the weight it can bear before buying, and you will guarantee your pleasure but especially your safety to both. It is necessary to verify that it is made of suitable materials that will not bother you.
7. Have fun with this experience that blends domination, fetishism and the pleasure of trying your favourite positions suspended in the air with one of the most fun erotic accessories.
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Seven dream sex positions for pregnant women

Inspire, experiment or even copy: you have the right to do what you want with these sexual positions. This week, priority to pregnant women with a suitable Kama sutra: pregnancy also rhymes with pleasure!

The Missionaries

This great classic of love is also available during pregnancy. If some cushions can be slipped under your back for comfort, pleasure is present at least until the fifth month of pregnancy. Your partner will have to rely on his hands not to weigh on your belly. Basics adapt all the time!

The Union of the Oyster

Once again, you’re back on your back. In this position, you can take full advantage of your partner’s body, and your belly is under no pressure. Remember that your sensations are increased during pregnancy with hormones, so given the perfect angle of penetration; it is the highway of orgasm in front of you!

The Union of the Lotus

Highly sought after during pregnancy, comfort is the most of this position. If the penetration is too thick, we advise you to lean back slightly to increase the range of motion. We especially remember that we have eyes in the eyes: impossible to be more romantic!

The Position of Spoons

Here is an ideal position at all stages of pregnancy. Lying well, you can enjoy a reasonable penetration and sensual caresses of your partner because his hands have full latitude to walk on your erogenous zones. Your bodies, glued entirely, will bring the necessary eroticism to the situation but nothing wrong.

The Position of Andromache

You choose! The depth of penetration is you who control it. Thus, with Andromache’s position, there is no question of feeling any pain. Speaking of pain, if your back hurts, we advise your partner to use his free hands to support you by hips. Help is good!

The Posture of the Swing

The roles are turning. With the posture of the swing, it is your partner who directs the operations. Back to him; do not hesitate to take support on the headboard to lighten the weight of your rounded belly. You would appreciate Monsieur’s caresses as he enjoys the panoramic view from your neck to your pelvis, a position that has a little taste of “come back”.

Doggy Style

A perfect position to avoid pressure on the stomach but also efforts Indeed, here, it is Mr. who deals with the rhythm and the depth of the penetration. However, it is possible that a backache is felt: in this case, do not hesitate to change position. The pleasure above all!


Similar to the intersection, although in this case, the woman is upside down and not on the side. Joined by the pelvis, she will open her legs and surround the man, who is lying on his side, generating a position similar to that of the leaves of scissors. Unlike previous ones that required a lot of strength and physical preparation, this can be a good option for people with some physical limitation, with back problems or for pregnant women.