Chastity for rock and roll fanatics

Why wear a Gay male chastity belt?

Gay male chastity consists of enclosing the penis in a cage specially designed to prevent you from having full erections or using peeing to have sex. When you have it on, you cannot masturbate or have orgasms, and only the person who “keeps the key” can take it away from you. One would think that any man is scared of just hearing this, but no: there are a few who moan with enthusiasm. Being in a cage can be extremely exciting and satisfying. Some people say that the deprivation of orgasm increases sexual appetite. It is also an accepted fact that chastity cages improve semen among men. It also enhances the relationship between the dominant and the submissive.

This fetish is not something that can be taken lightly. Not only does it change the life of the caged but it also implies a great responsibility on the part of the key protector. Although those who enclose their penises in chastity belts have clear that they will have to deal with a little discomfort, in more severe cases a misplaced device can cause severe damage, and it happens, the person who has the key must remove the belt immediately.

To learn more about what motivates people to participate in this fetish, if you want to experience with chastity belts then ask for advice for those who want to start in this world. If your partner is gay or bisexual, that does not mean heterosexual men do not have this fetish, but generally, heterosexuals refused to participate because of shame.

How was the first time you wore a chastity belt?

It is an experience that can teach you a lot. You can learn how to walk with him all day and how to sleep without feeling uncomfortable. The first time you can use the CB-300. You need to be adjusted. Although you only used it one day, you may have a hard time sleeping, so took it off, wait a while and eventually got used to it. We all have erections when we’re asleep, it’s normal, but these things are made, so you do not stop. Then you wake up, and you have to find a way to get it off. Try to take a bath with cold water, but then you may realise that you get off if you pee. You can find more proper steps in using chastity cages online.

What do you like most about those devices?

It’s like you’re giving up something. Like that someone else has a certain level of control over you. Things like “put on this shirt” or “use this”, those things excite you. Chastity belts serve the same purpose. It is giving control to a person. Let him decide for you. Remember that in high school you used Converse because it was a very mild form of slavery that you could use every day because it restricted your ankle. It is best to have something sexy without people noticing.

What surprised you most about these devices?

It involves a lot of work. When you read a story or watch a porn video, it looks sexy all the time, but you have to clean it every day and cut your hair, so it does not get pulled on you. You must also be very careful when you go to the bathroom. Once, when you were starting, left the whole bathroom stained. It was very sexy chaos you can dye your pants, your jacket, everything.


What are the benefits?

You have always had a lower sexual appetite than your partners and found out that this helps you raise it a bit. Chastity devices make it more fun and out of your reach. This cage makes your submissive side come out, and you want to stay with your partner that night.

How was your first experience with a chastity device?

The first time you were with your partner and the first thing he did was put on the chastity device. It was a metal cage, and you were so excited that you could not lower your erection to be able to put on the invention. It was the first time you did things with a man, beyond kissing someone or playing with his feet.


What attracted you to the fetish?

You like to play with the senses of kinky forms. With chastity, you feel trapped. Your penis is enclosed. It reinforces your idea that you are inferior, a fag, and a person who does not deserve an orgasm and who needs discipline. In any case, that is the greatest desire for sexual fantasy. Chastity is perfect for that because it does not allow you to have sex with penetration. For me, it is fascinating to be impotent in that aspect. You also like the feminisation aspect. With this, you cannot pee standing. In a way, you’re fighting the heteropatriarchy. When you go to the bathroom, and you have to pee sitting by your chastity device.

What did you start with now?

With the CB6K you can bring it for more than a few hours. In case your skin overflows through the holes and get blisters because it rubs with your underwear. Also, once you had an erection so firm that it went through the middle hole and got stuck then at that time, you can see a lot of blood. Don’t panic, wash it out properly.

What other models have you used?

You can try the Bon4, which is made of pure silicone. Its better but you still have other complications. For example, You cannot keep it lubricated, and after an hour you feel as if someone had covered your penis with adhesive tape to tear it off. You can buy a cheap metal cage in store, which looks like a set of rings that they soldered together. You can use it as long as you want without being irritated although it is cumbersome. That’s why it’s better to use a thin nylon rope as a belt to support the weight.

How much is the most you’ve used a device?

Four days, this is little compared to other men. If you do not have a person who keeps your key and neither stable partners, so when you do, it is my own will. Those who want to try one of these devices is to ask their friends if they have one and borrow it because they are not cheap at all. But if you have the cash and want to be of help, cock cages as gifts is the best idea. Use it a couple of days and look for someone to keep your key. In most cases, they have to remove the device once a week to clean it and make sure they do not have wounds, abrasions, rashes or such things on the genitals. More info at lockthecock.