Rock and roll dildos

How to Choose a Dildo according to your Requirements

Dildos come in different sizes and all kinds of shapes. Unlike the real member, who will have to cook breakfast in the morning, you will find an infinite number of textures, sizes and shapes in the sex shop! Some dildos have suckers; they can be attached to the surface and strapped anytime.

The most important rule when choosing sex toys is their safety. Dildos need to buy from quality materials from proven manufacturers. Save on clothes or luxury cosmetics, but not on the dildo! He is your only salvation from lonely evenings with cats and cheap wine.

The most common mistake when choosing an artificial companion of your love joys is to slip with size. If you buy too little, he won’t be able to satisfy you, just like your ex. And also big you cannot use. In any decent store the size of the dildo is indicated, but how to determine the appropriate one? This is not a clothing store, where you can estimate by eye for a male sales assistant. But you can try.

The easiest way is to compare with a member of a partner or a toy that you already had. If you have to buy the first in the life of a dildo, then try to determine the desired size with your fingers. Take the tailor meter and wrap it around your fingers to determine the volume, or use a simple ruler to measure the diameter. You can even use unusual items, such as cucumber or carrots, and you may prefer zucchini. Only they need to be thoroughly washed and put a condom on them so as not to carry any bacteria. Someone uses champagne bottles or pineapple. It all depends on you. And when experienced, you will understand that this is your size, measure its length and width (diameter).


Gel dildos are inexpensive, so if you have not had experience with a dildo before, this is an excellent option to get started. Consider, such dildos are difficult to wash, the material is porous. The second possible disadvantage of a gel toy is its flexibility.

Cyber skin

Cyber skin is an amazing realistic material that guarantees an indescribable feeling. And what a name! Mass Effect and Shepard’s ass rush through my head. Cyber skin dildo distinguishes toughness and flexibility. Almost like a real penis. But washing a cyber-skin is quite tricky. This is a porous material. If it is washed and dried, it becomes unpleasant to the touch.


The most popular dildos made of silicone. And the word is familiar to everyone. The material is flexible, able to heat to body temperature quickly. They can be washed and disinfected. They serve too long enough unless they are damaged in a fit of passion. So try to keep such a dildo away from sharp objects, pets and long nails.

Glass and acrylic

If you like a solid dildo, then look at acrylic or glass. Since they are excellent, you should buy a smaller dildo. Like a dress, in perspective. The harder sex toy is, the more it feels. Acrylic and glass dildos vary in price, easy to clean, durable and reliable. Now consider the types of dildos.


Smooth dildos are made from a variety of materials. Even from wood. Smooth dildos are ideal for fast penetrations, as the friction force is much less than that of dildos with a ribbed and uneven surface. Remember the physics. Yes, and for anal sex are more suitable smooth, especially if you like gentler.

Curved for point G and prostate

These dildos are the most popular because they allow you to massage both the point G and the prostate effectively. In principle, it is difficult to find a smooth dildo, since the human body has a certain degree of curvature especially with your degree of scoliosis.


These dildos can also be used for vaginal stimulation, but they have a broad base, armour ring at one end. The reason is that, unlike the vagina, which allows you to insert a toy and quietly remove it, the rectum can draw the toy in and pull it out can be problematic. We’ll have to call 03 and feel awkward. But it is worth noting that using anal dildos is better only for one purpose – the entertainment of your friends from Twitter.


Such dildo recently produced in various versions. Once it was a long two-head dildo. Now there are flexible dildos that can be bent and used for anal and vaginal stimulation of the same person.


Dildos can be with and without a vibrator. In this case, pay attention to the location of the vibrating device, how you will feel the intensity of the vibration depends on it. If the method is at the base of the dildo, then the waves are likely to be of medium strength, and if embedded in the dildo itself, then stronger.

Benefits of Using

Very many girls who have not used before sex toys, concerned about – how to choose a dildo, to obtain from its application most pleasure. After all, every woman is an individual, and in the selection of dildo, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of her genital organs, erogenous zones and the pleasure she wants from the dildo. Sooner or later, any girl, experiencing an unquenchable desire to get sexual satisfaction, comes to the thought of buying dildo- especially if she does not have a permanent man and does not want to have sex with the first comer.

After all, traditional masturbation with the help of fingers and scrap items cannot give those bright colours and deliver such sensual pleasure, which can be achieved with the help of dildo. Using dildo has a lot of advantages – it’s safe (you can’t get pregnant from the dildo, and there is no risk of catching a sexually transmitted disease), during dildo masturbation you can control your pleasure and desires, and do whatever you want with your dildo, because how to bring her sexual bliss.

The right side of the Dildo

While choosing the length of the dildo, pay attention to the fact that if you prefer active stimulation of the vagina, you should opt for a dildo between 13 and 20-25 cm long, and if you intend to keep it in the vagina for a long time, then stop at ten, fifteen-centimetre phalluses. To get pleasure by stimulating the external part of the genital organs – the labia, the clitoris and the vaginal vestibule – it is possible to prefer dildo of large sizes intended for fisting. Go through the dildo size guide before buying.

Rock and roll themed latext clothing

How to maintain your different types of latex clothing

Latex today is used to make many types of clothing. In fetish fashion and the BDSM environment, making the same latex clothing is a generally accepted phenomenon that is growing and at times striking in its ideas. Latex is sometimes also used by couturiers to create extravagant and challenging outfits. Clothes made of latex, as a rule, are made tightly, and then it just looks fascinating, prompting a different kind of fantasy in a person. Here you can take a look at some models of latex, which network users have made for themselves and posted their creations on the Internet.

Latex clothing for the most courageous

One of the reasons why latex is so popular is that clothing forms “second skin”, which acts as an imitation of one’s own skin. Thus, the current who wears fitting latex clothes can be perceived by the viewer at a psychological level as a naked person, or simply covered in shiny paint. A compelling reason that people like to wear latex outfits is its transforming psychological ability. As in any costume, latex can reap a person’s ability to present himself as someone else, not himself, but identify with the costume, presenting himself as a sexual, courageous predator. Girls in skin or latex feel free and courageous, capable of any prank and crazy activities.

Latex clothes are special and original. These sexy clothes will not make you go unnoticed at a party. In this article, you will discover the world of latex, through its definition, the types of clothing the sensations it gives on the skin and tips for putting on these clothes.

The universe of latex

Where does latex come from? The latex comes from the sap of a tree called “rubber tree”. Some people are fans of this material; they are latex fetishists and lingerie SM. This material is very tight on the body. So, latex clothes are like a second skin. They sublimate the curves of the woman. Latex enthusiasts like to feel compressed. They feel protected by this material, because latex decreases the sensation of touch. Still others like the smell of latex mixed with that of the skin. The variety of these clothes Latex clothing is available through a large number of shapes. The “cat suit” is a great success. It is an integral combination of sexy latex. But you also have skirts, bra, pants, shorts, latex dresses, hoods, lingerie and many other accessories.

Latex clothes are the latest fashion these days; this type of clothing is actually semitransparent rubber clothing. This is why some people also refer to it as rubber clothing simply. These clothing options are available in a whole range of styles and they are suitable for both men and women. These clothes are designed in such a way that they make the person wearing these attractive and charming. They have become a very popular trend among people from all over the world.

The latex clothing options are a bit expensive; hence it is important to take care of them in a pleasant way. If you also have different types of latex clothing and are always worried about cleaning them, then look at some tips to help you:

Cleaning latex clothing

It is important to wash rubber latex clothes after each time you remove them. These suits are designed to be tight so they are stuck to the skin all the time, they are worn, they tend to make the wearer sweat a lot and the sweat is then absorbed by the latex clothes. When the clothes are cleaned after each time it has been used, then one can easily get rid of the smell as well as the sweat that has been absorbed. Also by washing clothes, we can be sure that clothes will always look at its best.

While cleaning the options of latex rubber clothing, one can easily use a very small amount of mild soap mixed with warm water. You should not resort to washing or wringing clothes as it can cause them clothes to maintain serious damage.

The right way is to shake the clothes in a gentle way so that excess water is removed and the remaining water should be absorbed by using a clean towel. You should also spray a little baby powder inside the latex garment to make sure the moisture disappears before it dries out of room temperature.

The storage of latex clothing

For storing latex clothes the best option is to put them in a bag of clothes and then keep it in a cool, dry place. Laos should be hanged in a plastic online role-play shed so that it retains its original shape. Cloths often associated with Sado-Maso and fetishists but that all can wear. While reading the labels for maintenance, the tips given here are general.

Rubber or latex

Maintenance: Latex clothing should be cleaned soon after being worn. The latex degrades quietly in contact with sweat and the heat we release, making it stickier and more vulnerable.

• Do not dry clean.
• Wipe with a damp cloth.
• Wash in warm water without soap or detergent. Carefully wipe off excess water with a soft towel and lay flat for drying. Sprinkle lightly with talc (baby talcum powder) before storing.
• Clean your latex parts in clear water by adding a little dish soap containing no moisturizer or a little shampoo without conditioner. Put very little soap. Do not wash with the machine. Do not use bleach, chemicals or detergents.

Rinse thoroughly both inside and outside of your garment. Lay flat to dry on a clean, non-metallic surface, making sure the piece of clothing is inside-out. Turn your garment after a while to allow all sides to dry well. Do not hang the heavy parts; you could make permanent creases in your room. Do not tumble dry, even at very low temperatures, tumbling would ruin the latex finish. Never use solvents, bleaching agent (bleach) or other chemicals. Once dried, latex pieces may stick together then use powder or polish the garment to solve this problem.

To restore the lustrous latex finish, use a product specifically designed for this purpose, do not use an oil based product. If it’s not good for a condom it’s not good for your latex clothes.

Staining: Before being polished, the latex has a semi-glossy finish. The surface is somewhat sticky. Properly polishing the garment makes it more lustrous and prevents the friction noises produced by latex that is not polished when you walk.

A small percentage of individuals will have bad reactions when they come into contact with latex or other clothing made from materials that do not allow the skin to breathe. If you find that you have redness or other abnormal reactions when you put on these clothes, do not wear them anymore; you may be allergic to latex.

Rock and roll themed sex toys

The sexuality of the elderly: the big taboo

The least we can say is that we need kindness toward those who seek after 60 years. As if their sexuality (re) became a vice. As if gardening logically replaced libertinage and as if we had only the option of silence or mockery: failing members, hilarious!

Exciting hypocrisy, when we celebrate these super-seniors capable of chaining four marathons while passing a doctorate of astrophysics by correspondence on their smartphone. How do we come to congratulate ourselves on growing older and later, physically, intellectually, emotionally but not sexually?

The representations are hard-skinned, the figures are clear: our elders enjoy life, not just by preparing apple pies. In 2018, the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that in America 54% of men and 31% of women over 70 still had sexual activity (knowing that men die younger, leaving their wives alone in the abstinence dilemma or planting of cucumbers).

Interest in the thing

A few years earlier, another study shed more light on this decline: three-quarters of 57-65-year-olds were sexually active, but 53% of 65-75-year-olds and 26% of 75-85-year-olds. And be careful, we do not talk about exceptional reports! Active men over 75 years of age still knew two to three knapsacks a week. A frequency that many young people would envy!

On the side of satisfaction, let’s put away our misery. According to American University, 20% of over 65s have more fulfilling sexuality than ever before.

The recipe for the longevity of pleasure will surprise no one: an excellent partner, a regular activity, interest in the thing, a healthy lifestyle. This last point is crucial. People in poor health are, by far, the ones who suffer the most from a sexual decline (an example among others: 81% of the patients are sorry for lessened orgasms, but only 54% of the healthy ones).

This longevity of libidos also concerns singles or widowers. According to the University Center for Sexual Health Promotion, 46% of men over 70 years of age masturbate, and 33% of women. 62% of them find that their senior sexuality is as satisfying as or even more satisfying than the sexuality of their 40s.

The eyes of others and oneself on one’s body

No angels for sure, of course. Excitement and enjoyment are longer to manifest themselves. There are also potential health problems such as fatigue, heart risks, dementia or pain. It is four times more common to have erectile dysfunction at age 60 than at age 40 (14% of over-75s use a specific medication). The ejaculatory volume is reduced. As for women, menopause causes vaginal dryness and often a decline in libido but without a fatality.

The worst enemies of long-term sexuality are not the physical limitations, but the eyes of others and oneself on one’s body. Beyond this question of esteem (which also affects young people), it helps to maintain his libido by moving, giving up the obsession with performance, but also by controlling his medication (if you see a drop in desire, talk to your doctor – no need to add sexual problems to health problems).

The game is worth the candle since sexuality, including in institutions, promotes social relations, satisfies emotional and physical needs, and reconnects with intimacy (our grandparents are multitasking, they can pamper their garden AND their secret garden).

Where has our benevolence, our tolerance has gone?

All this is great, but exposes us to a paradox: if the sexuality of the elderly exists, is satisfactory and accompanies good ageing, why do we refuse to talk about it? Our bad jokes, our invisibilisation of the stakes, our declared aggression, are all bullets shot in our future foot. Where has our benevolence, our tolerance has gone?

A first explanation is to blame the Judeo-Christian tradition, so to speak, a contemporary creampie for any reflection on the body. Because postmenopausal sexuality escapes reproduction, it becomes doubtful, according to the famous rule that social activity can never be practised for pleasure – food, of course, but to feed, the walk, indeed, but to talk.

The taboo of incest will be attached to it: when one substitutes in everyday language “a grandfather” with “a sexagenarian”, not only does one reduce the person to his generational function, but one makes of all old person our ancestor (c is nice, but then you have to bring them a roast chicken on Sunday). Nobody wants to know how his parents sleep: by rebound, how his grandparents sleep.

Second explanation: we persist in systematically associating youth and desirability. This logic is boring, deeply ingrained, but not insurmountable (a culture is transformed – culture is us).

Sexuality, a disorder of youth

We are attached to an esoteric and idealised idea of ageing, which would make retirement a notion applicable to all fields. Older people are expected to renounce earthly pleasures through wisdom that magically places them beyond the reach of strong emotions. But if we push this last explanation in its entrenchments, it is possible that our aggressiveness towards the sexuality of seniors paradoxically reveals our aspiration to abstinence.

As per expert explanation, if we want to believe that elders do not sleep, it is because we would like to be free from sex because if the old are wise and they give up sexuality, it is good that we consider the latter as irrational – a disorder of youth.

Unable to control our desires, titillated continuously, harassed by sexual ubiquity, we hope that our impulses will disappear on their own. When we deny the elderly the right to lust, it is our future serenity that we awkwardly attempt to insure. On the backs of others and we are the wrong to target.

If sexuality oppresses us as long as we have to get rid of it, if our appearance worries us so much that we do not intend to remain desirable after 22 years, it is in the present that the problem exists – not in the future. And if we were wise, we would recognise in our discourse on the sexuality of seniors nothing less than our current insecurities: to settle now, not in thirty years.

Prostate massagers for rock and roll people

How to make an external massage of the prostate: description, techniques and recommendations

External prostate massage is a procedure that is well known to many men who have prostatitis. Prostatitis is an active inflammation of the prostate. The disease develops only in men. This is a fairly common disease.

Symptoms of prostatitis

At the initial stage of the disease, symptoms may be absent. After a while there is a lot of unpleasant sensations in the form:

• Aching pain in the lower abdomen and back;
• Ejaculatory disorders;
• Bloody discharge in the urine

Such signs prevent to lead to the person a healthy and high-grade way of life. When the first symptoms of pathology appear, it is essential to consult a doctor promptly. The disease has the property to progress and pass into prostate adenoma. At the initial stage of the development of prostatitis treatment is medication. When a condition is started, the problem is removed surgically.

The inflamed organ increases in size and overlaps the outflow of urine. This can cause serious complications. The attending physician often prescribes to his patients an external massage of the prostate. This positively affects the health of the reproductive system of the body and eliminates inflammation of the prostate.

Diagnosis of the disease

At the occurrence of one of the symptoms of prostatitis the doctor spends a finger inspection of an anal aperture – estimates the sizes and the general status of an organ. If during the examination the patient has painful sensations, the doctor sends the patient to an ultrasound diagnosis. The main methods of prostate examination are:

• General clinical analysis of blood.
• Smear for bacterial inoculation.
• Ultrasound.

Based on the results, the doctor prescribes treatment. Dosage and treatment are determined strictly by the attending physician. Self-medication can harm and aggravate the situation.

Purpose of prostate massage

Prostate massage is the most effective medical procedure for prostatitis. It removes undesirable delayed secretions and stimulates blood circulation and metabolism. Thanks to this stimulation, the juice comes out of the prostate, which contains harmful organisms that provoke the development of the inflammatory process. Also, this procedure multiplies the effect of drugs.

External massage of the prostate is not only used for medical purposes. It allows you to increase the level of potency, but at the same time produces an adverse psychological effect. Many men refuse this type of treatment because they are embarrassed. In this case, massage can be done at home. The doctor advises the patient’s family or close person on the issue of performing a prostate massage. It is essential to listen carefully to all the recommendations of a specialist. You do not need to have special skills and skills to make it work.

Recommendations of the urologist

If you want to perform a massage of the prostate gland, it is essential to take into account several rules for its conduct:

• Hands must be clean;
• Nails should be cut;
• Wear gloves.

To simplify the procedure, you can use a special lubricant, which will facilitate entry into the anal opening. To find a prostate is simple enough. When the index finger enters the anus, a light circular movement should be made. It feels the body round and slightly elongated, soft and smooth structure.

During the external massage the prostate hardens and secrete the juice with which harmful microorganisms come out. Some doctors recommend lubricating the finger with sea buckthorn oil before insertion into the anus. As you know, this plant perfectly removes inflammation and eliminates soreness.

If severe pain occurs in the patient during the massage, all actions should be stopped immediately. It only harms the man. Massage should be performed just after examination by a urologist. In some cases, this type of treatment is contraindicated, since it can only exacerbate the course of the disease. However, we must not forget that with all its advantages, prostate massage has specific contraindications.

Basic Contraindications

Massage of the prostate is a rather strict procedure, which should be performed strictly according to the doctor’s recommendations. It is not suitable for the treatment of an acute form of prostatitis, as it contributes to the development of an infectious disease in the male body. It is also not recommended for the following disorders:

• The presence of a robust inflammatory process in the body.
• Serious diseases associated with the prostate gland.
• The increased body temperature of the patient.
• Haemorrhoids.

Many people are interested in how to do an external massage of the prostate. But not everyone knows that with haemorrhoids it is forbidden to perform a message of the gland, because in the course of its execution a sharp and robust pain may occur. Haemorrhoid nodes often cause soreness and bleed.

Preparing for prostate massage

To achieve a positive effect of the procedure, you should message systematically. Before starting therapy, you need to fill the bladder, but it’s important not to overdo it. For 30-40 minutes before doing an external massage of the prostate, you need to drink about a litre of water, juice or other beverage (non-alcoholic). This is necessary to create the required pressure in the area of the pelvic organs, which will ensure the densest interaction of the surface of the prostate gland and the massage finger.

Structure and location of the prostate

The prostate gland is in the pelvic area, covers the neck of the bladder and the proximal urethra. The prostate itself is a complex of alveolar-tubular glands separated by connective tissue.

The proportions of the affected organ are as follows:

• In length reaches 4-4.5 cm;
• In width – 2-3.5 cm;
• In thickness – 1.7-2.5 cm.

In the process of prostate massage from the outside, you should carefully perform all the actions. Considering the structure of the organ is essential.

The process of carrying out of massage of a prostate

Before starting the procedure, the patient should bend his knees and pull them to his chest. This position relaxes the pelvic muscles and is the best for this manipulation.

A person who will perform a prostate massage should be right behind the patient and enter the index finger without excessive force. It is essential that the patient not have a feeling of pain and discomfort. The technique of external massage of the prostate is discussed with the doctor. Only after consulting a doctor should you start this kind of therapy.

After the introduction of the finger, one must grope for the location of the damaged organ – the prostate gland. To the touch, it has a similar shape with a nut. One of its edges is about five centimetres from the anus.

Once the person conducting the procedure was able to grope the prostate, determine the shape, size, density and denser areas. This should be done carefully since the damaged organ is very painful and can provoke the appearance of severe discomfort in the patient. During the session, it is necessary to follow the patient’s reaction. The affected parts of the organ are the most painful. Do not be too zealous, because rough and fast movements cause pain. Avoid these actions is because the pain can indicate a neglected disease, in which it is forbidden to perform a message. Before you do an external massage of the prostate, it is essential to consult your doctor. See more of our prostate massagers at

Rock and roll themed yoni eggs

Yoni Egg: What is it and its effect on modern lifestyle

The Sanskrit word yoni refers to the female genital organ. It also symbolizes feminine energy and its creative power called Shakti. A yoni egg is made of a hard, smooth crystal stone, originally jade, designed to gently and consciously penetrate each woman’s vagina. This practice allows everyone to reconnect with the most profound and radiant vital energy of their being: the sexual energy. If you remember women’s natural ability to engender life, you become aware of the extreme power of female sexual energy.

How to use this energy when it is not put at the service of procreation?

Through the practice of the yoni egg meditation, you can awaken this creative energy, reclaim its power and you can put it at the service of your lives. This door is an opening on a universe that sleeps in each of us.

Origin: The Yoni Egg

This ancient ancestral practice was reserved for the wife of the Chinese Emperor and his concubines. It has evolved in the context of ancient China whose thinking is based on the principles of Taoism. And according to Taoism, the yoni egg has always been and still is the nephrite jade egg.

In China, this precious stone is recognized as bringing health, luck and protection to those who wear it. It represents the union of earth and sky and is considered a jewel to develop its virtues. It is the most precious stone in their eyes because it helps them to gain a better knowledge of their “inner self” and offers the possibility to progress towards a better future. Nowadays, the practice of the yoni egg is accessible to every woman having the deep desire to reconnect with the power of her feminine power.

What are the Precious Benefits that the Yoni egg Practice Promises?

• Increases vital energy.
• Improves tissue oxygenation.
• Increases blood circulation, hormonal and energetic lymphatic.
• Develops a good knowledge of your pelvis and your vagina.
• Tonifies the pelvic floor.
• Soothes the painful rules.
• Avoids organ descents and urinary incontinence.
• Awakens sexual energy and stimulates libido.
• Enables you to awaken to your nature as a woman, giving more space to femininity in your life while weaving a deep connection with it.
• Reveals the many facets of your femininity.

There are also other benefits that you can enjoy when using the yoni egg.

The Sizes

3 sizes are available: The width of the vaginal wall is very variable: 0 cm at rest (since it is contiguous wall) up to 10 cm during childbirth.

It is very elastic and will relax or shrink depending on the contraction of the surrounding muscles, the perineum. Your choice must be made according to your needs and the tonicity of your vagina.

The bigger the egg, the more you will feel it. The smaller the egg, the more precise the work will be. For a woman who has already given birth, experts recommend starting with a large size.

Then, as the toning of your perineum, experts advise to go to the average size. And when it is mastered, experts provide the small size for even more subtlety.

The “GRAND”: 45X30mm

• Adapted when the intimate muscles are poorly developed.
• After a delivery (once your rehabilitation with the midwife finished).
• When you cannot feel a “MEDIUM” egg.

Some signs that indicate you have to choose a “BIG”:
• Difficulty contracting the vagina.
• Problems of urinary incontinence during laughter and sneezing. Urge to go to the bathroom frequently.
• Difficulty emptying the bladder.
• No or bad perennial re-education after childbirth.

For most women, medium and large eggs are perfect.

The “MEDIUM”: 40X25mm

This size is the most commonly used. You can use it:
• If you have a good command of the “BIG” size.
• If you contract your perineum well but want to improve the contraction.
• If you are between 20 and 40 years old and you are childless.
For young women, the egg “MEDIUM” is good to start because the vagina is narrow but often not enough tonic for the “LITTLE”.

The “PETIT”: 20X30 mm

From the width of a 1 $ coin, it is very difficult to feel, especially at the beginning.
Use a “small” egg if you want:
• Lengthen the exercises of toning of the intimate muscles and that one is already mastering with a medium-sized egg. For experts, the very sports, the “PETIT” will discover new horizons. And somewhere, it’s the ultimate goal to get to know each other and have a perfectly toned, subtle and responsive perineum.
• Practice vaginal meditation. The idea is to work with the energetic vibrations of the stone, without having to feel the egg physically.
• Offer it to a young teenager who enters the world of women, as a gift from her first rules for example, to invite her to a gentle learning of her body, her intimate sensations and the emotions that come with it (not necessarily sexual) but why not.
• Suitable for young virgin women.

Yoni Eggs Drilled or Not Drilled

Yoni eggs pierced have a small vertical passage to pass a string that allows you to recover the egg with greater ease. Experts advise you to use natural non-waxed and non-mentholated dental floss. To extract an undrilled egg, it is necessary to use the “expeller” muscles of the vagina, which requires a little practice. But with a little training, it is easy: somehow you will lay your egg.

Why Start with Nephrite Jade

“Nephrite” comes from the Greek “nephros” which means “kidney”. This name refers to the effectiveness of this mineral in the treatment of kidney disease. Indeed, the nephrite jade energy balances body water. It is therefore beneficial for the whole body and especially for the kidneys and the female reproductive system.

In addition, the far-infrared radiation it radiates has beneficial effects, in particular on the blood circulation and on the skin (vitalization of the cells). It is scientifically proven that nephritis is a healing stone. It helps the body to heal itself wonderfully. In addition, nephrite jade is a stone that anchors to the earth, balances and soothes. It promotes self-love and well-being. It is for this great capacity for purification and healing that recommend starting your practice with a nephrite jade egg.

The practice of Yoni’s Egg meditation, like the genital massage, helps to eliminate blockages of the flows of sexual energy. This practice is used to dissolve engrams due to toxins, emotions, and trauma that remains attached to toxins. The toxins released into the circulatory system remove the physical and emotional blockages of the pelvic area. Massage and practice of the egg and the Magic Lingam treat the painful rules, painful intercourse, difficult urination, libido failures and help to regain the tonicity and the fine sensitivity of the vagina.

Rock and roll kegel exercises – is there such a thing?

Smart Kegel exercise tools: test, analyse and communicate with the gynaecologist

Wearable electronics, which allows a person to control his body and improve specific indicators, have stepped beyond the “ethical” limits. Now smart bikinis have been announced, and a self-expanding bra has long ceased. Nevertheless, smart gadgets continue to literally “penetrate” into our lives and our bodies.

Kegel exercise tools strengthen the pelvic muscles, and also determine the place for

smart balls, simulators, cones: in the gadgets catalogue, at the pharmacy or after all on the shelf of Sex Shop.

Remember Kegel

Even though exercises to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, which are associated with the name of Arnold Kegel, can equally be shown to both men and women.

Arnold Kegel

For the first time, Arnold Kegel, an American gynaecologist, described his set of exercises in 1948 and identified several problems that workouts would help to cope with. The main reason for which at one time the complex of activities to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor was so in demand: the possibility of conservative treatment of urinary and faecal incontinence in women. Although surgical intervention is recognised today in some publications as the most effective, fast, method (and sometimes the only possible one), exercise has some additional advantages:

• Delicacy or the ability to hide problems
• Time independence
• Home furnishings

Kegel exercise scheme

In the above list against the operation, purely ethical principles and an unwillingness to publicise the problem speak. Globally, the problem cannot be hidden, and according to various sources, the number of women who suffer from incontinence regularly reaches 50%. In this case, the classification of the most common types is:

• Stress incontinence- about half the cases
• Urgent incontinence- up to 20%
• And mixed type incontinence – approx. thirty %

The focus of scientists as the most significant problem is stress incontinence.

One of the trainers Kelegi

Determine stress incontinence as a type of incontinence, triggered by any physical activity: a cough, laughter or exercise. Urgently include incontinence. At the same time, according to researchers, practitioners of non-surgical treatment of urinary incontinence, the risk for women increases in the postpartum period, as a result, the percentage of women with this problem with age can increase critically. Among the additional factors of stress incontinence called obesity, a tendency to addictions, in particular, smoking.

Body position when doing Kegel exercises

Along with other problems, this physical ailment is widely discussed in psychology. The disaster received much publicity in the early 1990s, when on the pages of medical journals about psychology; attention was paid to how severely incontinence could damage your personal life, career, business, etc.

Since the topic is “age-aged, then the discussion has poured on pages of geriatrics magazines, where it is emphasised that incontinence progresses with age, and this significantly impairs the quality of life, is accompanied by mental disorders, complexes, depression.

Vaginal Cones

Today exercises to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor are recognised as the primary method of non-surgical “correcting” the situation, which can quickly and effectively, as they say, “fix it”! According to the observations of the last ten years, in noncritical cases, that is, when women have a mild or moderate stage of stress incontinence, a positive result is achieved in a short time, and some doctors speak of a “week – week“. However, as in the case of training any muscles, incorrect exercises cannot only not correct the situation, but make it even worse.

Currently, there are also reverse statements that the complex of exercises and its effect on the morphology of the pelvic floor muscles have not been studied closely enough, but they resort to the technique for lack of the best. Some researchers clarify that any proper training exerts the general positive effect on the body as a whole, and in this case, it does not matter what to swing: biceps or pelvic floor muscles.

Despite doubts about the “speed” of the Kegel exercises or their “archaic” nature, most of them are modern studies and indirectly confirm their effectiveness and, importantly, the minimal risk of possible complications with proper training.

There are also studies that prove that a set of exercises in the long term allows you to avoid operations. Recently, the emphasis has been placed on the fact that such measures are more economically advantageous for the patient, rather than complex inpatient treatment.

In any case, it should be understood that with all the “universality” of non-surgical methods, they are not the only ones, and the human body is a little more complicated than you would like, therefore, taking certain decisions, it is better to consult a doctor. To improve the effect, individualise the process, as well as to obtain biofeedback, cones, vaginal balls, simulators can be added to the complex of exercises.

Among the advantages of using the first vaginal simulators:
• Exercises are individual for each woman.
• It takes less time to teach a woman to use the machine.
• It takes less time to start the exercise (insert)
• The number of consultations with a doctor is reduced to the first visit.

Simulators – a form of biofeedback

The weight of the balls or cones can be increased by increasing the load. You can start using it without additional research. By themselves, the vaginal cones and other “attributes” occupy a prominent place, and the evaluation of this method is conducted, perhaps more closely, than others. In total, assistance in the elimination of incontinence can be classified into three groups:

• Exercises
• Medicamentous
• Surgery

Each of which may be due to many factors, including the type of incontinence. Often, practices are absorbed or can be combined with other methods of treatment, such as drugs. Also, in addition to training, it may be necessary to change habits, the rhythm of life in general.

In addition to the problem of incontinence, exercises to strengthen the muscles can prevent prolapse or prolapse of the vaginal walls. Kegel himself made a report, where it was said that women using his complex of exercises had a more natural, more frequent, better, more intense orgasm, which is now confirmed by experts. Learn more about Kegel at

Are there rock and roll themed sex swings?

Sex Swing: How to use it to experience Ultimate Orgasm

In sex, much of the pleasure lies in the ability to try and experience new things to combat sexual routine and give a touch of fantasy and entertainment to your actions. This is something that the erotic industry knows very well, which is why it is inventing new toys and accessories to increase the pleasure. Would you like to experience domination and fetishism?Sex experts explain how to use sex swings to have the most fun.

Steps to follow:

1. One of the most beautiful and pleasant sexual positions of Kamasutra is “Embrassade”, in which the man is on the woman and penetrates her, how you see it in the picture. To realise it? It is necessary to have a muscular partner and be light; the opposite would require a lot of effort and little pleasure. But thanks to the swing of the love or sexual swing this small problem is more than solved, and you will be able to have a relationship while being suspended while your partner penetrates you easily.
2. There are two types of sex swings : those that are built to be installed on the ceiling of a room, ideal if you are not afraid to shout and have fun and those that are used “occasionally” that you can place for example on a door to make the most of the experience of any penetrations.
3. The swings of love are usually attached by three straps: one that passes in the middle of the back, another on the lumbar or buttocks and the third hold the legs. You can also find ankle straps, depending on the model. Usually, the material is quilted nylon, skin or imitation leather, and the important thing is that the straps are soft and comfortable, so they do not hurt the skin.
4. The use of the sex swing is straightforward because it is an accessory that allows you to try different positions. The most classic is the one that imitates the position of Kamasutra that we showed you above but with a backward inclination. The woman places her back on the top ropes and legs on the lower strings; she remains suspended, with her legs open and stands ready to be penetrated with much pleasure by her partner.
5. The previous sexual position is the only one that can be achieved if you buy a love swing for the door if you opt for the ceiling version you can try more positions. For example, how to place your back and sit on your partner, make the puppy hanging in the air and even work with anal sex in this fun form.
6. If you choose a sex swing ceiling or door, it is essential to check the weight it can bear before buying, and you will guarantee your pleasure but especially your safety to both. It is necessary to verify that it is made of suitable materials that will not bother you.
7. Have fun with this experience that blends domination, fetishism and the pleasure of trying your favourite positions suspended in the air with one of the most fun erotic accessories.
If you would like to read more about sex swing position, and then continue reading.

Seven dream sex positions for pregnant women

Inspire, experiment or even copy: you have the right to do what you want with these sexual positions. This week, priority to pregnant women with a suitable Kama sutra: pregnancy also rhymes with pleasure!

The Missionaries

This great classic of love is also available during pregnancy. If some cushions can be slipped under your back for comfort, pleasure is present at least until the fifth month of pregnancy. Your partner will have to rely on his hands not to weigh on your belly. Basics adapt all the time!

The Union of the Oyster

Once again, you’re back on your back. In this position, you can take full advantage of your partner’s body, and your belly is under no pressure. Remember that your sensations are increased during pregnancy with hormones, so given the perfect angle of penetration; it is the highway of orgasm in front of you!

The Union of the Lotus

Highly sought after during pregnancy, comfort is the most of this position. If the penetration is too thick, we advise you to lean back slightly to increase the range of motion. We especially remember that we have eyes in the eyes: impossible to be more romantic!

The Position of Spoons

Here is an ideal position at all stages of pregnancy. Lying well, you can enjoy a reasonable penetration and sensual caresses of your partner because his hands have full latitude to walk on your erogenous zones. Your bodies, glued entirely, will bring the necessary eroticism to the situation but nothing wrong.

The Position of Andromache

You choose! The depth of penetration is you who control it. Thus, with Andromache’s position, there is no question of feeling any pain. Speaking of pain, if your back hurts, we advise your partner to use his free hands to support you by hips. Help is good!

The Posture of the Swing

The roles are turning. With the posture of the swing, it is your partner who directs the operations. Back to him; do not hesitate to take support on the headboard to lighten the weight of your rounded belly. You would appreciate Monsieur’s caresses as he enjoys the panoramic view from your neck to your pelvis, a position that has a little taste of “come back”.

Doggy Style

A perfect position to avoid pressure on the stomach but also efforts Indeed, here, it is Mr. who deals with the rhythm and the depth of the penetration. However, it is possible that a backache is felt: in this case, do not hesitate to change position. The pleasure above all!


Similar to the intersection, although in this case, the woman is upside down and not on the side. Joined by the pelvis, she will open her legs and surround the man, who is lying on his side, generating a position similar to that of the leaves of scissors. Unlike previous ones that required a lot of strength and physical preparation, this can be a good option for people with some physical limitation, with back problems or for pregnant women.

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