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How to make an external massage of the prostate: description, techniques and recommendations

External prostate massage is a procedure that is well known to many men who have prostatitis. Prostatitis is an active inflammation of the prostate. The disease develops only in men. This is a fairly common disease.

Symptoms of prostatitis

At the initial stage of the disease, symptoms may be absent. After a while there is a lot of unpleasant sensations in the form:

• Aching pain in the lower abdomen and back;
• Ejaculatory disorders;
• Bloody discharge in the urine

Such signs prevent to lead to the person a healthy and high-grade way of life. When the first symptoms of pathology appear, it is essential to consult a doctor promptly. The disease has the property to progress and pass into prostate adenoma. At the initial stage of the development of prostatitis treatment is medication. When a condition is started, the problem is removed surgically.

The inflamed organ increases in size and overlaps the outflow of urine. This can cause serious complications. The attending physician often prescribes to his patients an external massage of the prostate. This positively affects the health of the reproductive system of the body and eliminates inflammation of the prostate.

Diagnosis of the disease

At the occurrence of one of the symptoms of prostatitis the doctor spends a finger inspection of an anal aperture – estimates the sizes and the general status of an organ. If during the examination the patient has painful sensations, the doctor sends the patient to an ultrasound diagnosis. The main methods of prostate examination are:

• General clinical analysis of blood.
• Smear for bacterial inoculation.
• Ultrasound.

Based on the results, the doctor prescribes treatment. Dosage and treatment are determined strictly by the attending physician. Self-medication can harm and aggravate the situation.

Purpose of prostate massage

Prostate massage is the most effective medical procedure for prostatitis. It removes undesirable delayed secretions and stimulates blood circulation and metabolism. Thanks to this stimulation, the juice comes out of the prostate, which contains harmful organisms that provoke the development of the inflammatory process. Also, this procedure multiplies the effect of drugs.

External massage of the prostate is not only used for medical purposes. It allows you to increase the level of potency, but at the same time produces an adverse psychological effect. Many men refuse this type of treatment because they are embarrassed. In this case, massage can be done at home. The doctor advises the patient’s family or close person on the issue of performing a prostate massage. It is essential to listen carefully to all the recommendations of a specialist. You do not need to have special skills and skills to make it work.

Recommendations of the urologist

If you want to perform a massage of the prostate gland, it is essential to take into account several rules for its conduct:

• Hands must be clean;
• Nails should be cut;
• Wear gloves.

To simplify the procedure, you can use a special lubricant, which will facilitate entry into the anal opening. To find a prostate is simple enough. When the index finger enters the anus, a light circular movement should be made. It feels the body round and slightly elongated, soft and smooth structure.

During the external massage the prostate hardens and secrete the juice with which harmful microorganisms come out. Some doctors recommend lubricating the finger with sea buckthorn oil before insertion into the anus. As you know, this plant perfectly removes inflammation and eliminates soreness.

If severe pain occurs in the patient during the massage, all actions should be stopped immediately. It only harms the man. Massage should be performed just after examination by a urologist. In some cases, this type of treatment is contraindicated, since it can only exacerbate the course of the disease. However, we must not forget that with all its advantages, prostate massage has specific contraindications.

Basic Contraindications

Massage of the prostate is a rather strict procedure, which should be performed strictly according to the doctor’s recommendations. It is not suitable for the treatment of an acute form of prostatitis, as it contributes to the development of an infectious disease in the male body. It is also not recommended for the following disorders:

• The presence of a robust inflammatory process in the body.
• Serious diseases associated with the prostate gland.
• The increased body temperature of the patient.
• Haemorrhoids.

Many people are interested in how to do an external massage of the prostate. But not everyone knows that with haemorrhoids it is forbidden to perform a message of the gland, because in the course of its execution a sharp and robust pain may occur. Haemorrhoid nodes often cause soreness and bleed.

Preparing for prostate massage

To achieve a positive effect of the procedure, you should message systematically. Before starting therapy, you need to fill the bladder, but it’s important not to overdo it. For 30-40 minutes before doing an external massage of the prostate, you need to drink about a litre of water, juice or other beverage (non-alcoholic). This is necessary to create the required pressure in the area of the pelvic organs, which will ensure the densest interaction of the surface of the prostate gland and the massage finger.

Structure and location of the prostate

The prostate gland is in the pelvic area, covers the neck of the bladder and the proximal urethra. The prostate itself is a complex of alveolar-tubular glands separated by connective tissue.

The proportions of the affected organ are as follows:

• In length reaches 4-4.5 cm;
• In width – 2-3.5 cm;
• In thickness – 1.7-2.5 cm.

In the process of prostate massage from the outside, you should carefully perform all the actions. Considering the structure of the organ is essential.

The process of carrying out of massage of a prostate

Before starting the procedure, the patient should bend his knees and pull them to his chest. This position relaxes the pelvic muscles and is the best for this manipulation.

A person who will perform a prostate massage should be right behind the patient and enter the index finger without excessive force. It is essential that the patient not have a feeling of pain and discomfort. The technique of external massage of the prostate is discussed with the doctor. Only after consulting a doctor should you start this kind of therapy.

After the introduction of the finger, one must grope for the location of the damaged organ – the prostate gland. To the touch, it has a similar shape with a nut. One of its edges is about five centimetres from the anus.

Once the person conducting the procedure was able to grope the prostate, determine the shape, size, density and denser areas. This should be done carefully since the damaged organ is very painful and can provoke the appearance of severe discomfort in the patient. During the session, it is necessary to follow the patient’s reaction. The affected parts of the organ are the most painful. Do not be too zealous, because rough and fast movements cause pain. Avoid these actions is because the pain can indicate a neglected disease, in which it is forbidden to perform a message. Before you do an external massage of the prostate, it is essential to consult your doctor. See more of our prostate massagers at