Rock and roll dildos

How to Choose a Dildo according to your Requirements

Dildos come in different sizes and all kinds of shapes. Unlike the real member, who will have to cook breakfast in the morning, you will find an infinite number of textures, sizes and shapes in the sex shop! Some dildos have suckers; they can be attached to the surface and strapped anytime.

The most important rule when choosing sex toys is their safety. Dildos need to buy from quality materials from proven manufacturers. Save on clothes or luxury cosmetics, but not on the dildo! He is your only salvation from lonely evenings with cats and cheap wine.

The most common mistake when choosing an artificial companion of your love joys is to slip with size. If you buy too little, he won’t be able to satisfy you, just like your ex. And also big you cannot use. In any decent store the size of the dildo is indicated, but how to determine the appropriate one? This is not a clothing store, where you can estimate by eye for a male sales assistant. But you can try.

The easiest way is to compare with a member of a partner or a toy that you already had. If you have to buy the first in the life of a dildo, then try to determine the desired size with your fingers. Take the tailor meter and wrap it around your fingers to determine the volume, or use a simple ruler to measure the diameter. You can even use unusual items, such as cucumber or carrots, and you may prefer zucchini. Only they need to be thoroughly washed and put a condom on them so as not to carry any bacteria. Someone uses champagne bottles or pineapple. It all depends on you. And when experienced, you will understand that this is your size, measure its length and width (diameter).


Gel dildos are inexpensive, so if you have not had experience with a dildo before, this is an excellent option to get started. Consider, such dildos are difficult to wash, the material is porous. The second possible disadvantage of a gel toy is its flexibility.

Cyber skin

Cyber skin is an amazing realistic material that guarantees an indescribable feeling. And what a name! Mass Effect and Shepard’s ass rush through my head. Cyber skin dildo distinguishes toughness and flexibility. Almost like a real penis. But washing a cyber-skin is quite tricky. This is a porous material. If it is washed and dried, it becomes unpleasant to the touch.


The most popular dildos made of silicone. And the word is familiar to everyone. The material is flexible, able to heat to body temperature quickly. They can be washed and disinfected. They serve too long enough unless they are damaged in a fit of passion. So try to keep such a dildo away from sharp objects, pets and long nails.

Glass and acrylic

If you like a solid dildo, then look at acrylic or glass. Since they are excellent, you should buy a smaller dildo. Like a dress, in perspective. The harder sex toy is, the more it feels. Acrylic and glass dildos vary in price, easy to clean, durable and reliable. Now consider the types of dildos.


Smooth dildos are made from a variety of materials. Even from wood. Smooth dildos are ideal for fast penetrations, as the friction force is much less than that of dildos with a ribbed and uneven surface. Remember the physics. Yes, and for anal sex are more suitable smooth, especially if you like gentler.

Curved for point G and prostate

These dildos are the most popular because they allow you to massage both the point G and the prostate effectively. In principle, it is difficult to find a smooth dildo, since the human body has a certain degree of curvature especially with your degree of scoliosis.


These dildos can also be used for vaginal stimulation, but they have a broad base, armour ring at one end. The reason is that, unlike the vagina, which allows you to insert a toy and quietly remove it, the rectum can draw the toy in and pull it out can be problematic. We’ll have to call 03 and feel awkward. But it is worth noting that using anal dildos is better only for one purpose – the entertainment of your friends from Twitter.


Such dildo recently produced in various versions. Once it was a long two-head dildo. Now there are flexible dildos that can be bent and used for anal and vaginal stimulation of the same person.


Dildos can be with and without a vibrator. In this case, pay attention to the location of the vibrating device, how you will feel the intensity of the vibration depends on it. If the method is at the base of the dildo, then the waves are likely to be of medium strength, and if embedded in the dildo itself, then stronger.

Benefits of Using

Very many girls who have not used before sex toys, concerned about – how to choose a dildo, to obtain from its application most pleasure. After all, every woman is an individual, and in the selection of dildo, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of her genital organs, erogenous zones and the pleasure she wants from the dildo. Sooner or later, any girl, experiencing an unquenchable desire to get sexual satisfaction, comes to the thought of buying dildo- especially if she does not have a permanent man and does not want to have sex with the first comer.

After all, traditional masturbation with the help of fingers and scrap items cannot give those bright colours and deliver such sensual pleasure, which can be achieved with the help of dildo. Using dildo has a lot of advantages – it’s safe (you can’t get pregnant from the dildo, and there is no risk of catching a sexually transmitted disease), during dildo masturbation you can control your pleasure and desires, and do whatever you want with your dildo, because how to bring her sexual bliss.

The right side of the Dildo

While choosing the length of the dildo, pay attention to the fact that if you prefer active stimulation of the vagina, you should opt for a dildo between 13 and 20-25 cm long, and if you intend to keep it in the vagina for a long time, then stop at ten, fifteen-centimetre phalluses. To get pleasure by stimulating the external part of the genital organs – the labia, the clitoris and the vaginal vestibule – it is possible to prefer dildo of large sizes intended for fisting. Go through the dildo size guide before buying.