Rock and roll kegel exercises – is there such a thing?

Smart Kegel exercise tools: test, analyse and communicate with the gynaecologist

Wearable electronics, which allows a person to control his body and improve specific indicators, have stepped beyond the “ethical” limits. Now smart bikinis have been announced, and a self-expanding bra has long ceased. Nevertheless, smart gadgets continue to literally “penetrate” into our lives and our bodies.

Kegel exercise tools strengthen the pelvic muscles, and also determine the place for

smart balls, simulators, cones: in the gadgets catalogue, at the pharmacy or after all on the shelf of Sex Shop.

Remember Kegel

Even though exercises to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, which are associated with the name of Arnold Kegel, can equally be shown to both men and women.

Arnold Kegel

For the first time, Arnold Kegel, an American gynaecologist, described his set of exercises in 1948 and identified several problems that workouts would help to cope with. The main reason for which at one time the complex of activities to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor was so in demand: the possibility of conservative treatment of urinary and faecal incontinence in women. Although surgical intervention is recognised today in some publications as the most effective, fast, method (and sometimes the only possible one), exercise has some additional advantages:

• Delicacy or the ability to hide problems
• Time independence
• Home furnishings

Kegel exercise scheme

In the above list against the operation, purely ethical principles and an unwillingness to publicise the problem speak. Globally, the problem cannot be hidden, and according to various sources, the number of women who suffer from incontinence regularly reaches 50%. In this case, the classification of the most common types is:

• Stress incontinence- about half the cases
• Urgent incontinence- up to 20%
• And mixed type incontinence – approx. thirty %

The focus of scientists as the most significant problem is stress incontinence.

One of the trainers Kelegi

Determine stress incontinence as a type of incontinence, triggered by any physical activity: a cough, laughter or exercise. Urgently include incontinence. At the same time, according to researchers, practitioners of non-surgical treatment of urinary incontinence, the risk for women increases in the postpartum period, as a result, the percentage of women with this problem with age can increase critically. Among the additional factors of stress incontinence called obesity, a tendency to addictions, in particular, smoking.

Body position when doing Kegel exercises

Along with other problems, this physical ailment is widely discussed in psychology. The disaster received much publicity in the early 1990s, when on the pages of medical journals about psychology; attention was paid to how severely incontinence could damage your personal life, career, business, etc.

Since the topic is “age-aged, then the discussion has poured on pages of geriatrics magazines, where it is emphasised that incontinence progresses with age, and this significantly impairs the quality of life, is accompanied by mental disorders, complexes, depression.

Vaginal Cones

Today exercises to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor are recognised as the primary method of non-surgical “correcting” the situation, which can quickly and effectively, as they say, “fix it”! According to the observations of the last ten years, in noncritical cases, that is, when women have a mild or moderate stage of stress incontinence, a positive result is achieved in a short time, and some doctors speak of a “week – week“. However, as in the case of training any muscles, incorrect exercises cannot only not correct the situation, but make it even worse.

Currently, there are also reverse statements that the complex of exercises and its effect on the morphology of the pelvic floor muscles have not been studied closely enough, but they resort to the technique for lack of the best. Some researchers clarify that any proper training exerts the general positive effect on the body as a whole, and in this case, it does not matter what to swing: biceps or pelvic floor muscles.

Despite doubts about the “speed” of the Kegel exercises or their “archaic” nature, most of them are modern studies and indirectly confirm their effectiveness and, importantly, the minimal risk of possible complications with proper training.

There are also studies that prove that a set of exercises in the long term allows you to avoid operations. Recently, the emphasis has been placed on the fact that such measures are more economically advantageous for the patient, rather than complex inpatient treatment.

In any case, it should be understood that with all the “universality” of non-surgical methods, they are not the only ones, and the human body is a little more complicated than you would like, therefore, taking certain decisions, it is better to consult a doctor. To improve the effect, individualise the process, as well as to obtain biofeedback, cones, vaginal balls, simulators can be added to the complex of exercises.

Among the advantages of using the first vaginal simulators:
• Exercises are individual for each woman.
• It takes less time to teach a woman to use the machine.
• It takes less time to start the exercise (insert)
• The number of consultations with a doctor is reduced to the first visit.

Simulators – a form of biofeedback

The weight of the balls or cones can be increased by increasing the load. You can start using it without additional research. By themselves, the vaginal cones and other “attributes” occupy a prominent place, and the evaluation of this method is conducted, perhaps more closely, than others. In total, assistance in the elimination of incontinence can be classified into three groups:

• Exercises
• Medicamentous
• Surgery

Each of which may be due to many factors, including the type of incontinence. Often, practices are absorbed or can be combined with other methods of treatment, such as drugs. Also, in addition to training, it may be necessary to change habits, the rhythm of life in general.

In addition to the problem of incontinence, exercises to strengthen the muscles can prevent prolapse or prolapse of the vaginal walls. Kegel himself made a report, where it was said that women using his complex of exercises had a more natural, more frequent, better, more intense orgasm, which is now confirmed by experts. Learn more about Kegel at