Rock and roll spank bench

Why your Love Lady is Crazy about Sex in spanking bench

Sex bloggers tells the truth of spanking. How women like it, what is the ideal moment and why is this practice so enjoyable.

Couples seek to incorporate new practices that add routine and add variety to their sexual relationships. The spanking or mild spanking by hand is an art which for years has been useful in sex. Yes, it is practiced by couples full of communication and trust.

In this article you will find specific issues such as: Why do they enjoy spanking so much? How should they be given so as not to cause temporary or permanent injuries? And here is couple of tips to increase the pleasure in these cases.
The spankings, as a punishment, are born in Victorian times. The schools of that time implemented these punishments in the students as a corrective and disciplinary method. It did not occur in children, it occurred in adolescents and it began to foster pleasure as the adolescent transformed the admiration towards his teacher in innate sexual desire.

Hence the fetish of the teacher or the teacher who has reformed pornography in different areas, even promoting from spanking, dynamics such as whipping with rule.

But why do women enjoy spanking so much? Simple, a study of the Journal of Neuroscience ensures that when pain is received, dopamine is released, the same chemical that makes us feel happy.

During the sexual act, in addition, it also releases serotonin, adrenaline, endorphins and oxytocic, hormones that when interacting with dopamine increase pleasure. Because of this, small doses of pain are so pleasurable during sex: take it hard from the hair, pinch the skin of your hips, and touch your breasts very hard. Before continuing, it is necessary to know that the spanking and the spanking are not the same, one differs from the other in the force of the blow and in the intensity of the stimulation that the couple receives from the blow. While in pleasure spanking is born by subtle socially accepted blows, the scourge is a really strong blow that can be categorized within sadistic and masochistic practices.

Now let’s get into the matter, if you really want to be an expert in spanking, you should know that these strokes must be done correctly, a bad implementation of force, it could generate intense pain causing temporary or permanent injuries.

The ideal is to give the blows in the central part of the buttock, avoid knocking outwards, downwards or upwards of her, on the back above all. There are nerve endings that can be affected by strong blows, to avoid discomfort or inconsistent blows and full of insecurity, it is recommended to stay with your fingers together, you will need less force to produce a blow with better sound, keep in mind that the sound of the blow it is also exciting.

Before spanking, pay attention to these tips:

• The intensity of the force with which the blows in the buttocks should be according to the level of excitement of it. Avoid giving strong blows before intercourse. For her they will not be pleasant, start pinching the buttocks or biting they little step.
• Avoid spanking in positions where it makes you feel uncomfortable or can cause different sensations; it is not the same to spank the missionary, than to spank her when she is in four. Ask her if she enjoys it, some women do not like them because they have suffered ugly blows or because they see it as a humiliating act.
• Warm the buttocks before giving strong spanking, massage the place where you are going to hit, in that way she prepares and enjoys it, besides, it is not so intrusive with the skin.

Allow her to also hit her buttocks; this will increase the trust between the two.

The best lovers dominate

Men who are a ten in bed and women, everything is said, perfectly dominate the ‘vanilla sex’, so they can afford to ‘play’ sometimes ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’. In sex everything fits, but first one have to learn to enjoy sex and then can go to have fun (ties your partner, take out the arsenal of toys, disguise).

So that we understand each other: imagine that you sign up for Latin dance classes. It is a very carnal, passionate and sentimental variety. You can learn the steps, but until you really feel this kind of dance, and you understand, you can never practice it. With sex the same thing happens: if you are not able to feel it, you will never be a good lover, we feel it but it is like that.

This is just the problem that the youngest have. Men under the age of 35, as a rule, dance under the covers but do not feel the music, let alone their partner. They know the steps and the development of the choreography. They dominate the practice but the technique fails, and that is just the most important thing.

Mature men, who have passed the age of 40, understand a little better what the subject is about. They know how to treat a woman; they know how to make love. The time, the practice and that they are of the old school, that one in which the ‘vanilla sex’ was the general norm. Currently, the belief that abounds among the youngest and older people who have not yet learned, is that by simply mastering the Kama sutra and putting the woman in a thousand positions, it makes you be good in bed, when Well, that’s just a complement.

With them the same thing happens more or less. As they reach their birthday, women are enjoying their relationships more. In fact, it is verified that it is from the age of 35 when they have the best orgasms of their lives.
Hopefully you’ve got the message: the ‘vanilla sex’ is that you have to master, both to fall in love and to make the other person enjoy yourself. When you have understood, you can move to the next level and make a new posture every day. But until then, practice the ‘vanilla’. It will go much better.

He spanking in sex or also known as spanking generates for some people a lot of pleasure when making love.
While there are couples who integrate it as normally as part of their sexual life, there are other people who seem unpleasant and even perceive it as a sign of aggressiveness.

Some experts say that the pleasure produced by a spanking at the time of being in bed is produced by the burning felt by the person hit and by the vibrations at the time of releasing the stroke; since these elements together, are those that unleash the pleasure that connect your orgasm adventure.

Spanking does not necessarily like all women. Hence, it is inappropriate for a man who enjoys doing it to perform this practice in a first sexual encounter without knowing in advance if the woman with whom he shares pleases. Remember that erotic games are intended to add spark to the intimate life, not hurt or offend.


In case you want to practice it you should take this into account:

• Talk to your partner about this kind of fantasy, before putting it into practice. It must always be given by the consent of both parties.
• Make sure you do not hurt your partner.
• It is good to experiment. But after trying, the woman should be honest and communicate if she likes it or not.
• At the time of carrying out this or other practices, take as a reference literature that promotes a healthy and responsible sexuality, and not distorted.
• Both parties must know their limit. How far can each one get in that game or practice with his partner.

Do not agree only to comply. There are people who accept this behavior as long as their partner is by their side and that is not right.