Rock and roll themed butt plugs

Butt plug – that’s how it works!

The Anal Plug or Butt Plug is worn on very different occasions, but most of the time, butt plugs cause intense cum. It is a sex toy of a very special kind and will bring you the highest satisfaction and almost incredible orgasms. Discover the anal sex brand new, together with the partner or alone, you can experience the highest desire. Expand your sex toy collection; an anal plug must be there. If you have not had experience with anal sex, then a lubricant is recommended, so you can easily insert the butt plug in the anus.
How to use the butt plug!

The butt plug has a cone-shaped appearance, so narrow at the top and wider at the bottom. This sex toy is intended exclusively for the anus; with it you can really enjoy the anal sex. Because the anal plug stretches the anus and stimulates the nerve endings inside and outside. First, you need to wet the butt plug and the anus with lubricant.

This is important because otherwise the introduction hurts terribly. However, if there is enough moisture, the plug can easily disappear into after. Then insert the anal plug. It’s up to you, of course, but there are three positions to make it easier for you to introduce it. Bend forward on all fours, the partner then introduces the butt plug. Put a pillow under your buttocks, put yourself on your back and spread your legs. Sit in a squat over the anal plug. You will quickly find out which variant you like.

Now hold the butt plug to the base and guide the tip to the anus. It can now be easily inserted with light pressure. But slowly, if you feel the tip of the plug and feel really comfortable, you can introduce another piece. Be careful, you have to get used to the plug first. If you still feel well, you can continue to insert the butt plug in such a way that the thick shaft remains outside the body. Now sexual intercourse is possible or you stimulate your genitals.

Of course, there is also a plug with vibration and with rubbing on the shaft, you can cause another tingling. You will experience further excitement if you repeatedly pull out the plug and insert it. Maybe you let the butt plug get stuck, it can be worn for several hours. However, it is recommended to pull it out more often and moisten it with new lubricant. So you can wear it for hours without any disadvantages are to be expected.

In the beginning you should use a very small plug, which is elastic and small. It should also be easy to use; you have to gain experience first. Later, you can handle a bit more pepper in the butt; the plug can always be replaced by a larger model. They experience unimagined feelings with an anal plug; men have more pressure on the prostate and women on the back of the vagina. Of course you can also choose a butt plug with vibration, with several speed levels and different applications you can experience unexpected orgasms.

Why do you actually need a butt plug?

Well, the butt plug is worn for a variety of reasons. Mostly a plug is used to allow the anal intercourse. Incidentally a butt plug can be worn unseen, it can be used equally in men and women, and there is no difference here. Often the plug is introduced during the prelude, how long it stays there is solely and solely your thing. He can only stay there for a few minutes, but he can also be carried for several hours. Of course, the anus expands and the muscles of the sphincter contract only slowly. So we the anal traffic more relaxed and does not hurt anymore.

Stimulate the man’s G-spot with an anal plug!

It is said that the prostate should be the G-spot of the man. So men wear a plug to stimulate the prostate. A model should be chosen that can easily reach the prostate and where the vibration is adjustable.

Anal plug during masturbation!

Of course, the plug can also be worn to masturbation, with women using it much more often than the masters of creation. In women, the plug should be linked to a vibration; thereby the orgasm is even more intense. In addition, a vibrator can irritate the clitoris.

Butt plug during sex

Many women find it particularly enjoyable to be completely “filled in”. Do not worry, you do not have to get an extra man into the bedroom, an anal plug does it too. Impractical, however, is an anal dildo, you would have to hold him so constantly. Here is a plug the perfect solution, it can be introduced some time before the actual traffic, but also offers a lot of variety during foreplay. It has a typical shape and does not slip out of the anus. Here, elastic materials are very popular and just at the beginning of a small size should be selected. Later you can increase this; a plug is available in many sizes and in many variants. Many butt plugs are equipped with vibrators that make the man and the man special pleasures.

Deluxe Silicone Inflatable Anal Plug with Pump BDSM

Ultimate Pleasure: You should really experience it yourself: The fun of anal sex gets even bigger when you insert and use the inflatable plug! At the same time, the prostate swells.

A type of air injection via pump: In the state of air release, the device can be easily introduced with lotion. Regulate with a hand pump (up and down pumps) and adjust to 10 cm.

Quality silicone material: only use high quality silicone material with a maximum weight of 33kg or more. Adult men will not break the material that way.

Wear plugs in public?

Yes, that is possible too. Some people love to wear this plug in public. You cannot see him under the clothes and so he can be carried on a city stroll, a visit to a bistro or a walk. This sex toy also gives them pleasure and pleasure outside of their own four walls, just like love balls or love eggs. Butt plugs for sale at LovePlugs.

The material!

The plugs for the anus are made of different materials; you will find models made of stainless steel, silicone, glass or plastic. It is up to your personal preference which model you choose, well they are all. Also, the size should be considered when buying, usually the plugs have a diameter of 20 to 50 mm. Of course there are special models, with vibrators or to inflate. Most of the plugs are made of a stretchy material and they are available in all colors. Normally, the surface is smooth, so that the lubricity is guaranteed. Of course, the plug must be thoroughly cleaned after use and for hygienic reasons; it is advisable to put on a condom. This makes cleaning much easier.