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The brightest and most sensual poses to achieve orgasm in women

Achieving an orgasm by a woman is possible only in case of a successful choice of a pose. To do this, not always men need plenty of experience of sexual intimacy with the fair sex. Having learned about the fundamental secrets of female pleasure, he will be able to give his lover a delightful orgasm if he puts some effort into it and, if necessary, sacrifices his own pleasure. Learn about the features of female physiology directly affecting the choice of the ideal sexual position right now.

What could be an orgasm in girls: what should a man know?

Female orgasm is truly a complex and at the same time subtle mechanism. Not every man can subordinate to himself the principles of its activation. To achieve a female orgasm just the right posture is always not enough. To a genuine blissful peak of sexual intercourse, a lady can be brought only by her beloved partner. Without experiencing sexual attraction to a guy, a woman will not be able to relax, fully arouse and enjoy the process.

Postures to achieve female orgasm

In addition, before deciding on a posture to quickly achieve the pleasure of his beloved, a man needs to understand what kind of orgasm he would like to give to his partner. Despite the many types of physiological pleasure known today, most often girls experience clitoral and vaginal satisfaction. Experts in the field of sexology have no doubt about the ability of women to experience both types of orgasms. The exception may be only pathological cases, which according to statistics is on average about 1%.

Both types of pleasure are the strongest hormonal surges, but unlike the clitoral one, the vaginal lasts a little longer and is more intense. During sex, in most cases, men try to choose a position to achieve orgasm by a woman that would allow him to stimulate the maximum number of erogenous zones. Pictures depicting positions will help to clearly understand the intricacies of the process and the mechanism of stimulation of the clitoris and the point G – these two areas are responsible for getting a woman pleasure during sex.

The best poses to achieve the most powerful orgasm in a girl

You can really surprise your partner and give her the opportunity to experience heavenly feelings with the help of such positions for sexual intercourse:

“Butterfly” is simple in execution, so it does not require special skill from either the lady or the man. The girl needs to lay on the table, at the same time, the partner, sitting between her legs, begins to enter and make translational movements. This posture is considered optimal for achieving the maximum “double” orgasm: clitoral and vaginal. On the upper wall of the vagina is a point G, easily stimulated in this position and the free hands of the partner can caress the clitoris?

“Missionary” traditional position, which is considered the simplest in execution, can bring almost instant pleasure to the girl if the guy makes some adjustments to the style of frictions. He needs to move exclusively at his partner’s pace. A small pillow-cushion, placed under the back of a woman, can be an assistant in this position: this simple secret will allow you to raise your pelvis and change the angle of penetration.

“The Bridge” – it is safe to be called the best posture to achieve a female orgasm. This option is truly a win-win, but is only suitable for partners open to sex. Complexes and experiences about the appearance, constraints and other barriers to full relaxation will be the main obstacles to achieving the cherished goal. A woman assumes a position that in gymnastics is called a “bridge”: while lying on your back you must put your arms and legs up and lift your ass. A man kneels in front and begins the process.

In order to make her darling in bed cry and laugh with happiness at the same time, it is necessary to do everything so that she experiences a repeated orgasm. During the first generation of a wave of heat and bliss that spreads all over the body, the guy cannot stop – this is the main mistake that men make. Without a pause and talk, the girl will succeed in reaching the next ecstasy much faster. Are you not satisfied with your partner or can’t have the desired orgasm, then you must opt for a sex doll. These are the best sex doll sex positions to enjoy too.

Stimulating posture to achieve orgasm: female “solo”

And if the quality and style of performing the above poses to achieve an orgasm depends 100% on the partner, then “Rider” is the best position to give the lady complete freedom of movement. Being the complete opposite of the above posture, in the position on top of the girl can do anything: jump, sway, bend, etc.

Need clitoral stimulation? This is possible, you only need to lean forward slightly and rest with your knees. Want to feel the most powerful vaginal orgasm? It is necessary to stretch the legs and lean back. For men, this option is just perfect sex: it can stimulate the clitoris, shower your beloved with kisses and caress the breast, while enjoying the charms of the female body.

Bridge pose

High-quality sexual intercourse is important for normal female well-being and emotional background, but achieving orgasm without knowledge of the best poses for sex is impossible. Meanwhile, the girl does not need to wait until the guy does everything on her own. It is necessary to constantly make efforts to study your body, the reactions of erogenous zones, to develop sensuality and not be afraid of experiments. Perhaps masturbation as a way of self-satisfaction and managing the responses of your own libido will allow a woman to become better acquainted with her sexual self.

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