Rock and roll themed yoni eggs

Yoni Egg: What is it and its effect on modern lifestyle

The Sanskrit word yoni refers to the female genital organ. It also symbolizes feminine energy and its creative power called Shakti. A yoni egg is made of a hard, smooth crystal stone, originally jade, designed to gently and consciously penetrate each woman’s vagina. This practice allows everyone to reconnect with the most profound and radiant vital energy of their being: the sexual energy. If you remember women’s natural ability to engender life, you become aware of the extreme power of female sexual energy.

How to use this energy when it is not put at the service of procreation?

Through the practice of the yoni egg meditation, you can awaken this creative energy, reclaim its power and you can put it at the service of your lives. This door is an opening on a universe that sleeps in each of us.

Origin: The Yoni Egg

This ancient ancestral practice was reserved for the wife of the Chinese Emperor and his concubines. It has evolved in the context of ancient China whose thinking is based on the principles of Taoism. And according to Taoism, the yoni egg has always been and still is the nephrite jade egg.

In China, this precious stone is recognized as bringing health, luck and protection to those who wear it. It represents the union of earth and sky and is considered a jewel to develop its virtues. It is the most precious stone in their eyes because it helps them to gain a better knowledge of their “inner self” and offers the possibility to progress towards a better future. Nowadays, the practice of the yoni egg is accessible to every woman having the deep desire to reconnect with the power of her feminine power.

What are the Precious Benefits that the Yoni egg Practice Promises?

• Increases vital energy.
• Improves tissue oxygenation.
• Increases blood circulation, hormonal and energetic lymphatic.
• Develops a good knowledge of your pelvis and your vagina.
• Tonifies the pelvic floor.
• Soothes the painful rules.
• Avoids organ descents and urinary incontinence.
• Awakens sexual energy and stimulates libido.
• Enables you to awaken to your nature as a woman, giving more space to femininity in your life while weaving a deep connection with it.
• Reveals the many facets of your femininity.

There are also other benefits that you can enjoy when using the yoni egg.

The Sizes

3 sizes are available: The width of the vaginal wall is very variable: 0 cm at rest (since it is contiguous wall) up to 10 cm during childbirth.

It is very elastic and will relax or shrink depending on the contraction of the surrounding muscles, the perineum. Your choice must be made according to your needs and the tonicity of your vagina.

The bigger the egg, the more you will feel it. The smaller the egg, the more precise the work will be. For a woman who has already given birth, experts recommend starting with a large size.

Then, as the toning of your perineum, experts advise to go to the average size. And when it is mastered, experts provide the small size for even more subtlety.

The “GRAND”: 45X30mm

• Adapted when the intimate muscles are poorly developed.
• After a delivery (once your rehabilitation with the midwife finished).
• When you cannot feel a “MEDIUM” egg.

Some signs that indicate you have to choose a “BIG”:
• Difficulty contracting the vagina.
• Problems of urinary incontinence during laughter and sneezing. Urge to go to the bathroom frequently.
• Difficulty emptying the bladder.
• No or bad perennial re-education after childbirth.

For most women, medium and large eggs are perfect.

The “MEDIUM”: 40X25mm

This size is the most commonly used. You can use it:
• If you have a good command of the “BIG” size.
• If you contract your perineum well but want to improve the contraction.
• If you are between 20 and 40 years old and you are childless.
For young women, the egg “MEDIUM” is good to start because the vagina is narrow but often not enough tonic for the “LITTLE”.

The “PETIT”: 20X30 mm

From the width of a 1 $ coin, it is very difficult to feel, especially at the beginning.
Use a “small” egg if you want:
• Lengthen the exercises of toning of the intimate muscles and that one is already mastering with a medium-sized egg. For experts, the very sports, the “PETIT” will discover new horizons. And somewhere, it’s the ultimate goal to get to know each other and have a perfectly toned, subtle and responsive perineum.
• Practice vaginal meditation. The idea is to work with the energetic vibrations of the stone, without having to feel the egg physically.
• Offer it to a young teenager who enters the world of women, as a gift from her first rules for example, to invite her to a gentle learning of her body, her intimate sensations and the emotions that come with it (not necessarily sexual) but why not.
• Suitable for young virgin women.

Yoni Eggs Drilled or Not Drilled

Yoni eggs pierced have a small vertical passage to pass a string that allows you to recover the egg with greater ease. Experts advise you to use natural non-waxed and non-mentholated dental floss. To extract an undrilled egg, it is necessary to use the “expeller” muscles of the vagina, which requires a little practice. But with a little training, it is easy: somehow you will lay your egg.

Why Start with Nephrite Jade

“Nephrite” comes from the Greek “nephros” which means “kidney”. This name refers to the effectiveness of this mineral in the treatment of kidney disease. Indeed, the nephrite jade energy balances body water. It is therefore beneficial for the whole body and especially for the kidneys and the female reproductive system.

In addition, the far-infrared radiation it radiates has beneficial effects, in particular on the blood circulation and on the skin (vitalization of the cells). It is scientifically proven that nephritis is a healing stone. It helps the body to heal itself wonderfully. In addition, nephrite jade is a stone that anchors to the earth, balances and soothes. It promotes self-love and well-being. It is for this great capacity for purification and healing that recommend starting your practice with a nephrite jade egg.

The practice of Yoni’s Egg meditation, like the genital massage, helps to eliminate blockages of the flows of sexual energy. This practice is used to dissolve engrams due to toxins, emotions, and trauma that remains attached to toxins. The toxins released into the circulatory system remove the physical and emotional blockages of the pelvic area. Massage and practice of the egg and the Magic Lingam treat the painful rules, painful intercourse, difficult urination, libido failures and help to regain the tonicity and the fine sensitivity of the vagina.